You could probably find a better use for $15, but it won’t be for a knife…


Amazon is selling stainless Mora Companion knives for under $15 right now.

Since Chris wowed us yesterday with the definitely sketchy, and most certainly craptastic Sanjia K8009, I thought I would do you all a favor and let you know what you should spend your $15 on instead ($14.35 plus s&h actually).

I wouldn’t normally pass along “Deal of the Century” information, but I followed an Amazon link from Instapundit earlier and Amazon is running a sale on hunting and tactical knives for as much as 60% off.   Consider yourself advised. There are actually some pretty nice deals on Gerbers, Cold Steel, and others. But that is not what I am telling you to buy.

I looked to see if any Mora knives made the list.  They are not reduced by a massive percentage, but they are already the best knife value on the planet to begin with.  As Chris is fond of saying, “Moras make every other knife look like a rip-off”. I don’t personally own a Mora Companion – yet. I expect my first to arrive Wednesday or so. I am not sure that the 20% off is the everyday price or part of the big sale, but when a knife like the Companion cracks the $15 mark, it is time to buy. Even if I don’t “need” another knife right now.

Chris has already reviewed the Mora 748 Long Clip. In his review, he hypothesizes that the smaller Companion would be the “perfect” utility sheath knife. I have the slightly thicker Mora Bushcraft, and while I am yet to use the Companion, I believe that this is likely the case.

I have already done a culinary review of the Bushcraft, and I am almost done with an all around review. My Bushcraft has been my primary knife on over 40 days of fishing and guiding this summer. It has been used to make salsa, gut trout, baton a walnut log into kindling, turn piles of newsprint into ribbon, cut down a 3″ locust sapling, prune branches off of a tree, slice 100 linear feet of cardboard, and many other tasks. Stay tuned. I have tested this knife more thoroughly than any knife yet, and I will have the full review out this week.


  1. Duncan Idaho says:

    I’m hoping to test out my Classic Mora on an elk in a few days.

    I ordered a green military Mora like the one pictured (should have kept it) and it felt really good in the hand.

    I removed the red ochre dye on the handle of my Classic and stained it with some Tru-Oil. Looks pretty nice.

    Also, these carbon steel blades will corrode almost immediately. I knew carbon would mar and stain, but not like this. The other day, I lopped the top off of a banana, set the blade down, washed my hands, and then looked back- the blade had a black streak about half its length. I always just touch mine up with a ScotchBrite pad after it stains. Definitely going to get some stainless models for fishing, as well as a few EDC models. I might rehandle this one with some elk antler if I get lucky.

  2. jimmyjames says:

    Bought one of the Mora knives, not sure which one, black and blue handle. Came in dull as a fence post. I had to grind it to sharpen. Reminds me of a fillet knife. Was not impressed. Some folks swear by them.

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve got two Mora Companions. One I use for a bench knife, the other I use when I hunt. It’s a bit big for quail, but it processes pheasant just fine, and deer as well.

    The sheath is alright. The handle clicks into a lip on the sheath for a friction retention that holds the blade well. There is also a drain hole in the bottom of the sheath.

    For their price, it’s a heck of a knife.

  4. IdahoPete says:

    The Mora knife is strongly recommended by Mors Kochanski (Canadian bushcraft/survival instructor – see “Bushcraft” – originally released as “Northern Bushcraft” in 1988. Lone Pine Publishing – 1998 ISBN 1-55105-122-2)

    Buy 2 and have a spare.

  5. C says:

    I think the one i picked up is a clip. Don’t have it sitting in front of me. Carbon steel, very nice, pretty crazy sharp. I actually like the sheath (while it does seem a little flimsy) since i very rarely wear a belt and it just clips on so i can still have a fixed blade. I mean to get at least one more, if not several.

    1. jwm says:

      The best thing about those cheap plastic sheaths they come with is that when you’re up to your chin in the water you’re not wrecking a nice leather sheath. i recommend the stainless Mora’s for that same reason.

  6. n says:

    I bought two companions, found them very dull from the factory.

  7. Pat says:

    Get the laminated and triflex (differentially tempered) blades. Got two each from Ragweed Forge (around $10-12). Superior.

  8. Mark says:

    Mora is the proof that only a fool spends more than $20 for a fixed-blade knife. When steel is priced higher than sterling silver something’s wrong.

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You could probably find a better use for $15, but it won’t be for a knife…

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