Your “Stay-at-Home Knife”?


I appreciate the blades the author cites, but I question the premise of the article.

I would expect nothing less from the flagship media mouthpiece of Nanny Bloomberg, but this piece by Stan Parish leaves me seething. It is titled : “Looking Sharp: Meet Your Sexy Stay-at-Home Knife“, and it starts out with this inflammatory statement – posed like it should invoke no reasonable disagreement:

“In this era of search-happy security, carrying a knife isn’t just an anachronism; it’s a terrible idea. So let’s retire the term pocketknife, along with the practice it implies.”

The author’s dismissiveness of what you and I consider a fundamental right makes my skin crawl. Which is unfortunate because the author has an eye for nice blades, and at least enough knowledge to understand what makes a better than average knife.

The author’s premise is that a gentleman should have a blade or two at home that go beyond utility. Ok so far. He gives some great examples of knives that he feel

” have least one purely decorative touch, a non-functional note that says this blade’s for unboxing well-packaged wine…”

But he finishes this statement with another dig at those of us who EDC:

“not standing your ground”

FFS, give me a break.

He goes on to name 5 knives, a mix of production and custom: A Magnus Axelson Desk Scalpel, Art Washburn Sabretooth, CRKT Ken Onion Swindle, Spyderco Puukko, and a PJ Ernest Integral knife. All solid choices for his premise.

However, if you have a nice knife that could function beyond the four walls of your home, you should feel as an American that you have the right to carry said knife if it is the tool which you feel is best suited for the situations you may encounter.


  1. Jon M. says:

    Clay, I’m sending you an article related to this. I hope you enjoy it and maybe consider posting it up! =)

    1. Wow. Just read it. That was excellent. Thank you. It will be put in the queue soon. Thank you.

  2. dph says:

    Screw him, sometimes I carry 2 knives and a gun.

    1. ^ This has made me smile several times today. ^

  3. Bladeslady says:

    I never leave home without having one in my handbag. I have lady friends who also do this.

  4. Roger says:

    They disarmament crowd wants all weapons gone. All people, except the State Sanctioned Killers, unable to defend themselves. And it’s clear why they want that if you read into their views a bit. DeBlasio and Cuomo sit in New York as protests roar in the street, over a man strangled to death by one of these State Sanctioned Killers, safe and happy in their cloistered bubble of ARMED security. Telling reporters that only peaceful protests work, behind stand men carrying things illegal to own for the common citizen.

    Is it any wonder why the biggest gun control advocates are rich white men with large security details? Bloomberg, Gates, Fienstein, and Shumer. Never a victim and always supporting state oppression. Pay your taxes. Buy everything, except what their people carry. You’re not working for yourself and your safety is not something ever considered. Because why would they ever think the world is unsafe. They’ve never been robbed, attacked, or confronted. And even if they were, doesn’t everyone else have round the clock armed security?

  5. Sean says:

    it’s ridiculous to think that carrying a pocketknife isn’t utilitarian.

  6. ChuckN says:

    As a lifelong firefighter/rescuer, I carry a knife everywhere
    (more precisely 3, a multitool, a lockback/short fixed and
    a simple folder). On five separate occasions, my EDC(s)
    helped save a life. 2 were cutting seatbelts to get out of
    a burning/fuming car; 1 was a climbing accident where the
    person freaked and had managed to tangle a rope around
    their neck; 1 was a plugged oxygen tube that needed to be
    cut and spliced back; and the last was for an emergency
    tracheotomy. Every one one these happened while I was
    “off-duty”, which, as insinuated by the author, is a time I
    shouldn’t need a knife.

  7. Jason P. says:

    Stupid. I live in a Philadelphia suburb but work in Philly, and it still amazes me how backwards Philly laws are. I have a concealed carry permit, so I tend to carry both my Benchmade and my Shield whenever I’m in a non restricted area. Philly on the other hand has a law prohibiting you from carrying a “cutting weapon,” but they do still recognize my gun permit… I can carry my handgun, but if I get caught with my knife it’s a $300 fine?… Talk about nonsense.

    I also have a Spyderco to carry for any state that my question my AO Benchmade.

  8. dead_left_knife_guy says:

    NO! It’s JUST A STYLE BLOG! And Stan Parish isn’t an “anti-knifer” — look at the frickin’ article, HE LIKES KNIVES! He’s got a different approach to knife carry, but he probably lives in NYC & travels by plane frequently. Or maybe he works in a courthouse. So what if he doesn’t want to use a knife as a weapon — not a poor choice in an era where your attacker could have AIDS.

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Your “Stay-at-Home Knife”?

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