Zero Tolerance Nonsense of the Day: You reap what you sow edition


The Ontario Knife Company TAK is the next knife in my testing queue when I finish my Benchmade Steep Mountain Review.

Da’von Shaw, a student at Bedford (OH) High School was suspended for 5 days after he brought a knife to school for the purpose of cutting an apple in a “Healthy Eating” presentation. When he was told he would not be allowed to use it, he handed it to his teacher without incident. He proceeded to attend class until late in the day when he was informed that he was to be suspended.

His mother, Shakila Wilson’s initial reaction mirrors my own…(From 19ActionNews)

“I can take off my belt and use that as a weapon. Pens and pencils can be used as a weapon. You can’t take a person with no intentions to harm and put them as a criminal because that’s what you normally do”

But there are multiple further levels of fail, both on the part of District Superintendent Sherman Micsak who refused to discuss district policy on camera, and Ms. Wilson appears to not have learned from her son’s misfortune:

“Despite their unhappiness with what’s gone on the Wilson’s still support an election day levy for Bedford Schools, even have a yard sign out in front of their home.”

Superintendent Micsak deserves a forced retirement for this little stunt:

“At school district offices Superintendent Sherman Micsak entered a room where we waited and told us to turn off the camera, and he wouldn’t talk about any student on camera.

That is proper, but he brusquely told us he wouldn’t discuss general district policy on camera, telling reporter Paul Orlousky, “You can come on upstairs,” while telling cameraman Marty DeChant “you can stay here”.

He was told, “Well we’re here to interview you on camera.”

Micsak replied, “Well, I’m not gonna be on camera.”

Privately he told us the punishment could have been a year suspension but it was lowered. He feels the punishment fit the violation.”

I hate to break it to Ms. Wilson, by supporting the District, she is supporting the very system that might well derail her son’s future. It will be more difficult for him to get into college with this mark on his record. It will be a miracle if his academic performance doesn’t suffer and he doesn’t become disillusioned with school. This is a pivotal moment in her son’s life, and she needs to break the cycle.

I leave you with this quote from Reason in honor of Election Day:

“When I vote for candidates, they rarely win. The ones that do have without exception disappointed. Many elections don’t have any candidates I want to vote for…Nevertheless voting is important, because in a democratic system the absence of a vote enforces the illusion of the consent of the governed”

From: “The Libertarian Case for Voting”. As the Blogfather would say, “Read the whole thing.”


  1. Sam L. says:

    A public official refuses to speak publicly–instant fail.

  2. Minister Dennis King says:

    Editor’s moderation, because I can…
    I am leaving this up mostly because of David the Jeffersonian’s response. He spent enough time on his response, that I didn’t want to pull the whole thing down. I agree with his remarks almost in their entirety.

    I am also leaving this post in place because I think that David’s response is an excellent example of how to intellectually throttle someone without resorting to the sort of flaming that is far to common on public forums with relative anonymity. Well done Sir. -HCA

    I expect that my comments will be censored in disregard of the First Amendment that lawfully allows unabridged comments.

    I am not abridging your comments, I am adding too them. The 1st Amendment restricts the Government from either censoring or censuring a citizen’s speech. You have no more right to publish your remarks here than I have to insist that one of my editorials be published in the New York Times.

    As I have noticed in all sites is that comments are a waste of time and why you see so few now (due to anti first amendment), and why I prefer not to. Action is needed not hot air from writers, commentaries and individuals when we have a sociopath Muslim, communist, socialist, Nazi individual in the presidents chair when he and this superintendent and many others like him in our “public schools” supports whole heartedly the a fore mentioned.

    It is not a violation of Godwin’s Law to invoke the Nazis or Hitler if the actions described rise to the level of actual behavior exhibited by the Nazis. I do not agree that the Superintendent’s actions rise to the level of genocidal behavior. See Slate’s excellent article for an appropriate use of the Nazi comparison.

    Obama is just like Hitler. Dictators both and will use FORCE with extreme prejudice and discredit their opposition with direct lies and deceit and coercion! Perjury and fabrication of the truth is the norm as I have seen in all our courts; even the so call supreme court who no longer interprets through the lens of the U.S. Constitution but through the eyes of a anti-freedom sociopath point of view and deadly to a free society.

    There is certainly both corruption and incompetence in our government and justice system. This is not news. But this is a very difficult paragraph to follow. It certainly is animated though.

    Hitler and Obama believe in indoctrinating and enslaving the minds of OUR children in their beliefs of hate and the DO NOT allow freedom and you will control and dominate not only the nation but the world. Hitler did that with NAZI Germany and Germany became a post WWII wasteland literally and economically . Interestingly enough it was the U.S. that was instrumental in post WWII rebuilding not only Germany but all countries effected by WWII.

    I have never tried to obfuscate my contempt for public schools as a general rule. I do think that they seek to churn out good conforming little worker drones, and do a piss poor job of even that. I believe that if you truly do not have the means or are denied the opportunity to send your kids to a private, parochial, or charter school, you have the responsibility to your children to be involved both in understanding what they are being taught and holding school officials accountable.

    Obama wants to recreate NAZI Germany here in the U.S. with help of his fellow sociopaths. If it was legal and had the fear of control he would slit the throat (decapitate) of all that oppose him.

    Obama is not a Muslim. He is a secular progressive who has little to no use for religious faith beyond what it can do to further his ambitions. He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia, but to what degree he ever practiced it is unclear. When he was making his name in Chicago, he joined Rev. Wright’s church (I don’t feel like googling the name) because that was where all the “cool people” were. Purely a political move. I think that BO believes that he himself is the highest power in the Universe.

    Regards to ALL who LOVE FREEDOM and would DIE for it.

    I am with you on that one Den. We just don’t do the movement any favors when we go off tilting at windmills.


    1. Dave the Jeffersonian says:


      Brother you start off like a true victim: “I expect my comments will be censored.”

      What a load of passive-aggression you carry.

      Next you whine that you will be censored despite the 1st Amendment.

      1st Amendment only has to do with what the Government does, not what private sites do (although I am pretty sure you already know that).

      Pretty pathetic start, then you go on to compare Obama to Hitler?

      Your rant reads like the ravings of an inbred buffoon, but you are actually pretty media savvy.

      You sir are what they used to refer to as a Clodpate and I care for neither your style not your puling.

      That said, I firmly defend your bigoted hateful foaming-at-the -mouth tirade and would gladly defend you against ANY government entity that would seek to shut you down.

      You and your ilk are far too valuable to silence.

    2. Dave the Jeffersonian says:

      I will gladly use my 2nd Amendment rights to defend you 1st Amendment rights, no matter how much I dislike what you say or how you say it.

      Tom Paine, Sam Adams, and the rest of the founders were guilty of Hate Speech, Incitement, and General Rabble Rousing which gave us the best place in the world to live.

      Not perfect, just the best.

      I take exception with your rhetoric:

      “Hitler and Obama believe in indoctrinating and enslaving the minds of OUR children …”

      Hitler believes in NOTHING as he is long dead (even if he did die in Argentina). I’m not really sure what Obama believes in other than the further destruction of the middle class.

      You can do better in you comparisons than Hitler. C’mon.

      Compare Obama to Putin? Maybe Kim in North Korea, or even Sheriff Joe in Arizona?

      And please, keep at it. This debate is too important to silence.

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Zero Tolerance Nonsense of the Day: You reap what you sow edition

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