Bloomberg News Supports Knives On Planes. Yes. Really.

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The editorial board of the Bloomberg News website has fired a common-sensical broadside that I honestly never thought we’d see. On April 23rd, 2013, Mayor Mikey’s mouthpieces published an editorial entitled “Allowing Knives On Planes: Yes, It’s A Good Idea.”

APRIL 23: The U.S. Transportation Security Administration announced yesterday that it was delaying a plan to allow passengers to carry pocketknives, hockey sticks and golf clubs aboard airplanes.

With terrorism prominently in the news — and opposition surging from flight attendants and others in the airline industry — this decision was perhaps inevitable. It’s also wrongheaded.

I actually checked the dateline when I saw this article the first time, to make sure it wasn’t published on April Fool’s Day. For the first time ever in the entire history of ever, I agree with every word that Bloomberg News has to say on this issue. I even agree with the way they say it, and that’s probably the only time that will happen between now and the heat death of the universe in 10^100 years or so.

If you can stomach giving Bloomberg the traffic, click here for the full editorial.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Oh, nooooooooo. They’re recommending profiling! The Horror! The horror…

  2. TXDadoo says:

    “…the TSA shouldn’t endlessly try to update a list of banned items — it should focus on identifying dangerous people instead.”

    Trying to keep my brain from exploding after reading that in Mr. Ban-It’s own publication.


  3. Matt in FL says:

    That’s really quite amazing. But hey, the guy that wrote it will probably be out of a job within the month.

  4. Avanti says:

    That jackass will support whatever his globalist puppetmasters tell him to.

    1. Jonathan says:

      And if those “globalist puppetmasters” are right, they’re right.

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Bloomberg News Supports Knives On Planes. Yes. Really.

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