Knives Have Arrived: ‘Blade Brothers’ Debuts Friday On Discovery Channel

Image courtesy Todd Begg Knives

As of this Friday, knives will be officially cool. Okay, we know they’re already cool, but now everybody else will know it too. The new Discovery Channel series ‘Blade Brothers’ has it all: acres of tattoos, newly-printed promotional T-shirts, a suspiciously tidy workshop, and faux deadlines and drama galore. Make the jump for the TDC promo video…

‘Gun Culture 2.0 has finally spawned ‘Knife Culture 2.0’ and it’s about time. Gun 2.0 has generally been a good thing for people like us, but we’ve been deluged with gun-themed reality shows like ‘Sons Of Gods Of American Pawn Stars Of War Guns’ for years. Some of them suck, because they lavish money and attention on total ass-clowns. Others are pretty cool: my personal favorite is Wild West Alaska, because I’ve met Jim West and Ken Feinman and they’re even nicer (and funnier) in real life than they are on TV. I’m also blessed to own one of their customized lever-actions, and it’s absolutely the coolest gun I’ve ever owned.

But I digress. Todd Begg makes some over-the-top ‘custom’ knives like the oddly-named Bodega Timascus in the title photo. Now he’ll have a Discovery Channel film crew hovering over his shoulder as he takes on absurd projects like the ‘Klingon Arm-Blade’ hinted at in the promo video.

We knew it was going to happen eventually, didn’t we? It’s not going to be Citizen Kane, but let’s just hope it’s fun.


  1. David says:

    While I am very glad blades are getting their due – I do not want to watch another show where rich douche bags spend way too much money on custom items. Seriously, these shows smack of elitism and they showcase an obscene level of materialism. At least w/ this show, normal people could conceivably own what is on the show. I was not the only person who got tired of Will Hayden trying to throw all his licenses, connections, and money in everybody’s face.

    1. Jonathan says:

      Why does it bother you so much that others have things you don’t?

      Don’t get me wrong, nobody likes a show-off, and these guys are annoying, but you seem more bothered by the fact that you don’t have that stuff.

  2. Aharon says:

    My favorite real-world product shows are ones I find on youtube with real end-user survivalists, woodsmen, craftsmen, and fighters demonstrating or assessing the pros and cons of a knife or tool.

  3. Azimuth says:

    “…and faux deadlines and drama galore.” You nailed that dead center.

    If you enjoy being lied to, poorly, then this show is right up your alley.
    In this respect, I’m fortunate to have a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective.
    I have a friend who is a high-end finish carpenter, who worked on a project for the “Tanked” show, where his first rate wood working skills were used to craft the box for the fish tank. The guys on the show pre-installed the tank to check for fit, which of course, was perfect. They proceeded to engage in phony dialogue like, “If this tank doesn’t fit, there will be Hell to pay.” But they already knew the tank fit. In order to concoct some fake drama, they reduced my friends master carpentry skills to that of something akin to having given the job to a bumpkin with a hammer. The box hand-crafted by my friend is what made that tank the centerpiece it was. Did the show graciously acknowledge the master carpentry skills that contributed so greatly to the finished product? Zip, zero, nada. Such self-serving narcissists rarely share the spotlight with anyone. Call me intolerant, but I’ve grown tired of self-serving narcissists who think that telling a lie is more helpful than telling the truth. Tune in if you want to, I won’t waste my time on this poorly acted fakery.

    1. Azimuth says:

      Correction: my friend informs me that the aquarium show was not “Tanked,” it was yet another equally bad unreality aquarium show. Everything else is true, sad to say.

  4. Sam L. says:

    I’ll give it a pass, and grade it “Fail”.

  5. Remy says:

    watched it last night and after 10 minutes of the brothers ready to change the channel

  6. Richard Ford says:

    I personal enjoyed the show and wish that it would come back. I thought the knives where great looking and showed the type of person the maker truly was. They where not just knives but a reflection of himself. I would buy even ask him to build me a knife or sword. If you don’t like my comment oh well freedom of speech gotta love it.

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Knives Have Arrived: ‘Blade Brothers’ Debuts Friday On Discovery Channel

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