TTAK Now On Twitter: @knifetruth

TTAK is now officially tweeting: we love spontaneous traffic, but if you follow us on Twitter you’ll get automatic notice of all new posts and content.

If I can figure out who our first follower is, we’ll even throw some promotional swag your way. You won’t believe how many caps and beer cozies I’ve got, just looking for a good home…


  1. Matt Gougler says:

    I’m your 4th follower, does that count? Hahaha

    Like to request a ‘know your knife laws’ segment on Oregon and Washington. Super confusing as an Oregon resident who regularly passes into Vancouver. Thanks and good luck!

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Washington joined pretty late in the game. At the rate of a few states a week, it will be several months before the Evergreen State gets its turn. But here’s a hint: you can conceal/carry a manual or assisted opener with a blade 3″ or less.

      And unless I can figure out who joined before you, you’re first in line for some swag!

  2. Steve in MA says:

    Shouldn’t Farago be following you?

  3. TTAK Now On Twitter: @knifetruth | The Truth About Knives

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TTAK Now On Twitter: @knifetruth

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