What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Giant Microtech Marfione Halo V OTF

Remember how the giant souvenir pencils at the amusement park never wrote very well, and how the giant Hershey’s Kiss candies you got at Christmas were really hard to actually eat? The giant ‘Custom 3X Halo V’ is kind of like that. It’s exactly three times the size (in every dimension) of a standard Microtech Marfione Halo V OTF knife. This behemoth weighs ten pounds, and it can either impale a water buffalo on opening, or chop it in half with its 14″ tanto blade.

The blade ejects with enough power to skewer a small pig, and retracts with a solid titanium draw-bar nearly twelve inches long. This is probably the biggest slab of Ti you’ll ever see outside the frame of a jet fighter, and it partly explains the knife’s $8,995.00 price tag.

I know some readers might think this is the ‘second kind of cool’, but I can’t imagine even a hypothetical use for a blade this unwieldy. It combines all the reach and chopping power of a big Bowie with all the speed and maneuverability of a pole-axe. If you really, really have to have one (and if there are any left) click here for more info.


  1. Thanks for to good laugh Boss. It was a nice way to start the day.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    That brings new meaning to “comically oversized.”

  3. Sam L. says:

    Well, it’s cool to look at, but that’s not worth even a bare fraction of $8995.

  4. pastubbs says:

    It would have made a nice April fools joke if it wasn’t an actually product they have it at all the blade show. I say “it” because I can see no reason for them to make more then one.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Giant Microtech Marfione Halo V OTF

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