Relatively New From SOG: Kiku Folders

SOG Kiku Folders

I didn’t expect to get my hands on any knives this first full day on the ground in Las Vegas, since Media Day At The Range is all about guns. But SOG had a booth and targets set up, with a professional knife thrower demonstrating the basics of knife throwing. But not to me, because I had promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Slept. Whatever.

The ‘Kiku’ has been a successful fixed-blade design for SOG, and last year they worked with designer Kiku Matsuda to transform it into an obscenely rugged folding knife. The slightly recurved blade (with spear point, tanto and drop-point DNA all mixed together) is the same, and so is the AUS-8 steel and Micarta linen scales.

The large 4.625″ model retails for about $110, and the smaller 3.5″ model for about $85. Stay tuned for a lot more SHOT Show coverage; the actual show starts tomorrow morning and I’ll be visiting every manufacturer I can find.



  1. matth says:

    i bought the small one about 6 weeks ago, great knife design some design flaws (thin liners that bite into the hand)
    but it’s back to SOG due to screw fails 3/4 when i tried to change the pocket clip side
    anyway second SOG I bought and second to fail,
    (i’m still planning on buying the kiku fixed blade)

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Relatively New From SOG: Kiku Folders

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