Quote Of The Day, Courtesy Police Chief Matt Redick.

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A seventh-grade student, apparently hearing voices for several days, tooled up with several knives and planned to kill the principal and as many classmates as he could at his Ohio middle school. He fortunately changed his mind and told said principal about his plan, before anyone was harmed.

He’s currently in detention awaiting a mental evaluation, but that’s not the most amazing thing that happened here. We can thank Police Chief Matt Redick for that. And I actually mean thank him.

The student had collected several knives, a small club, and materials to start a fire in the school when he went to the principal’s office. He apparently changed his mind and didn’t want to hurt anyone, and he was taken into custody after he told the principal about his plans and preparations.

From LimaOhio.Com:

“His plan was to walk into the principal’s office, kill the principal and assistant principal and then he was going to roam the halls and if anybody approached him, he was going to kill them. Then he was going to go into his classroom and go nuts,” [police chief Matt] Redick said.

“He said he’s been hearing voices for a while and that he was planning this for about two weeks,” Redick said. “He told me he had voices telling him to do this.”

The teen then told the principal he had two more knives in his locker, a steak knife with a 5-inch blade and a serrated knife with a 7-inch blade. Also in his locker was a miniature souvenir-type baseball bat, Redick said.

Redick said the type of weapon the teen had was inconsequential, referring to reactions to other school violence episodes.

“It’s a prime example that guns and knives do not kill people. People kill people,” Redick said. “Had this had gone through and had he injured or killed anyone using a knife, would the same argument come out that we need to ban knives?”

The chief said the case is about the teen’s struggle with mental health problems that led him to nearly carry out the attack, not the type of weapon he used or could have used. The teen will now have a chance to get the help he needs, Redick said.

This story is just like Newtown and Aurora and Virginia State, and just about every other mass shooting. It’s not about guns or knives, but about one person’s struggle with mental illness. Hysterical hoplophobes are ignoring this story in droves, and you can bet your ass that Chief Redick won’t be interviewed by Piers Morgan any time this century.

So…where can my city hire a police chief like Matt Redick?





  1. jwm says:

    See, some cops do get it.

  2. 2hotel9 says:

    Yep, a lot do.

    And I bet this kid was tripping red flags for quite awhile.

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Quote Of The Day, Courtesy Police Chief Matt Redick.

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