New From CRKT: James Williams Shizuka Noh Ken

Knife designer James Williams has over 50 years of martial arts experience including work training special operations units, government agencies, and law enforcement. He runs a company that makes fine samurai swords. He knows a few things about designing a tactical blade.

The Shizuka Noh Ken is James’s followup to the larger Otanashi Noh Ken, with a 3.6″ blade as opposed to the Otanashi’s 4.5″. It is expected to hit the market early in 2015, and will be available exclusively from BladeHQ.



“I may be smaller, but I’m drinking milk”


One detail that impresses me with both of these knives is the extremely deep carry clip. For those in less knife-friendly environs, this is a very good thing. (picture ninja’d from BladeHQ)



I like the extremely deep carry clip on both of these knives.

You can read more technical details here.

I will close by quoting James Williams on his design philosophy for folders (technically describing an earlier folder, but applicable here).

“The fixed blade is superior to the folder in every respect. Our goal with the Hissatsu Folder was not to replace the fixed blade knife, but rather to offer the best alternative possible when circumstances demand other options.”-from CRKT’s Designer Bio of Williams 

The Taiwanese-made, Aus-8 framelock Shizuka Noh Ken will retail for $140.




  1. Jim says:

    I bought a Hissatsu a couple of years ago and I dont even consider replacing it. The blade will take a razor edge. Its not super light but I like a little bit of weight in a defensive knife. And thats really all I consider it to be. Its a backup for my handgun really. But as a defensive tool, I think one would have to either go with a fixed blade or spend a considerable amount more to get what would probably be slightly more quality. Actually I wouldnt even say so much quality as maybe more exotic materials. I dont abuse it or use it as an everyday work knife. I have a few small pocket knives for that. I carry mine clipped inside my waistband and it is totally comfortable. The Hissatsu doesnt carry as deep because the bend of the clip is about 3/4″ below the back end of the knife. But even that I consider an advantage if you were to carry it in the waistband. This knife really sold me on CRKTs quality. The only negative I can say I have is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot open it left handed. But Im sure thats not from any fault of the knife itself, just my uncooperative motor skills. That being said, when folded the blade does stay in nice and securely. The locking system certainly seems more than strong enough for what these knives are meant for. Im sure these newer models are every bit as good.

  2. jans says:

    Shizuka means ‘quiet, calm, still’ in Japanese. It is a common girl’s name.
    Otonashii (not otanashi) means obedient, well-behaved. Oto-nashi means literally ‘no sound’.

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New From CRKT: James Williams Shizuka Noh Ken

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