Quotes of the Day: Hit-and-Run


You gonna eat that?


I am running late tonight, and realize I am just not going to finish what I wanted to do tonight before I want to head to bed. So I have two quick Quotes of the Day. Both are tied into posts from earlier this week.

The first is related to last night’s breaking news on the US Ambassador being attacked in Seoul. It will be interesting to see if the attacker is a looney-toon or if he is a calculating psychopath. What is not debatable is that the child-king of the North is more than a basket or two short of a picnic (he ate them). When I read the Official response praising the attack, I thought it was worth a mention on the blog. Apparently, the attacker was wielding a “Knife of Justice” against the “warmongering” United States.

From YonHap News Service:

“The North’s official Korean Central News Agency released the remarks in a dispatch hours after a pro-North Korean activist cut Amb. Mark Lippert on the face and wrist during a breakfast function in downtown Seoul.

The dispatch, titled “Deserved punishment for warmonger United States,” said the assailant, Kim Ki-jong, gave a “knife shower of justice” to the envoy in a reflection of South Korean public sentiment that condemns the U.S. for raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula through joint military exercises with Seoul.”

Ambassador Lippert’s facial laceration apparently required 80 stitches. It only took 60 to sew mine up after my axe-cident.

The other quote was from a Facebook User (whose name I blocked out) on the FNH page. FNH shared Dan’s review of the FNH Bawidamann from yesterday. I agree with the poster that the juxtaposition is amusing and slightly ironic.



Have a great evening folks. The kids were off school today and I am a bit on the brain-dead side. I am off to bed.

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Quotes of the Day: Hit-and-Run

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