BREAKING: Morakniv to Unveil First Full-Tang Knife at SHOT Show 2016


It looks like Mora has finally listened to the detractors out there who wont settle for anything less than a full tang knife. I never thought we would see the day myself. After all, some of their partial tang designs have proven to be extremely tough. Well, the wait for the first full tang Mora will soon be over. Details after the jump.

From Morakniv’s Facebook Page:

Full tang news coming up!
The official release of the first ever Morakniv full tang will be held at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting Tuesday January 19, representatives from our company in Mora, Sweden will be there to show the knife and all it’s exciting features.
Of course we’ll keep you guys updated here on Fb, so during next week you’ll access both facts and pictures of the newest member of the Morakniv family. Yay!

Morakniv must be taking a page from the car companies, mastering the art of the teaser photo. We won’t really know what these things look like for a few more days, but it looks like in addition to being full tang, we will also get a lanyard hole! I’ll be picking one of these up for testing as soon as I can.


  1. PeterK says:

    Cooooool. Probably needless. But still cool.

    Not that making them even tougher is a bad thing, mind.

  2. boodog says:

    right on! this will make me a new customer. if the price is in line with their other knives it will be a good value.

  3. sagebrushracer says:

    while stronger is better generally, I would still balance cost vs performance on this myself. I have never not had a mora not be strong enough for any given task. If this new design is the same price point, yay! If I have to pay $6 more, making a $14 knife into $20, then I will just buy the old design.

    Its like the Dodge SRT10. They put a Dodge Viper v10 into a truck. Yay! fun! costs more! And most people just bought the regular Dodge Trucks.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  4. bastiches says:

    This made me laugh out loud.

    I guess everyone whining for years on amazon finally paid off.

  5. Great news David. I have been following this product launch since Mora posted the original teaser photo on their Facebook page. Today should be the day we hear more info. Keep us up to date. Thanks.

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BREAKING: Morakniv to Unveil First Full-Tang Knife at SHOT Show 2016

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