Walter Sorrells discusses his Forged in Fire experience

Of all the things I learned by watching this video, I was most comforted by Walter’s assurance that the producers take great effort to protect the integrity of the contest – to the point of having Production Assistants accompanying them to the restroom to ensure they aren’t checking a phone.

All in all Walter reports a positive experience and recommends the show to those considering auditioning.

Since I needed something below the jump, why not one of his knifemaking videos I missed.


  1. Sam L. says:

    He’s the first contestant I’d ever heard of, and this is where I heard of him.

    1. Murray Carter was on last season.
      And I had heard of Liam Hoffman who was on a previous episode as well.

    2. Dave Erving says:

      Travis Wuertz was on 2 episodes. Season 2 and Champions. If you don’t know who Travis Weurtz is, look him up. Hias grinders are AMAZING!!!!

  2. Darrell says:

    Having such a catastrophic failure on television would be embarrassing, what went wrong Walter? Are you concerned about the integrity of any of the blades you’ve sold? This has to make people think, Jesus Hernandez or Walter sorrells? But your blades look amazing, but looks are second to functionality.. thanks

    1. DaveW says:

      You have to understand that in this case he had to make Canister Damascus – This is difficult to do when you have all the time in the world, he only had 1.5-2 hours to melt, forge weld and remove the canister metal from the billet before he had to shape and likely acid dip his knife for presentation. I can pretty much say without a shadow of a doubt that if he had gotten normal Pattern Damascus, or Folded he would have won.

      Expanding on the Canister Damascus, if the steel shot he was given was drip forged (that is dropped in beads) then they likely all had some form of mill scale, or oxidation that further weakened the weld.

      1. Thanks for the explanation Dave.

        I suspected that but am too armchair to articulate it as well

      2. cyp says:

        is annoying to me so many types of steel are called damascus these days. What made damascus unique were the carbon steel nanotubes obtain as a result of certain rare elements impurities. Pattern Damascus and Folded Damascus is not damascus.

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Walter Sorrells discusses his Forged in Fire experience

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