New York City launches “Operation Cutting Edge” to fight knife-crime outbreak.

NYPD Commissioner and Mayor DerpBlasio are doing something about knife crime…they came up with a name for their efforts.

New York City is experiencing a significant upswing in knife violence this year. While much of this is domestic violence related, there have been scores of notable attacks on random victims on the street and in the subway. But DerpBlasio is not going to allow his subjects citizens exercise their God-given right to tool up for self-defense, instead he is going the PR route, inaugurating operation “Cutting Edge”. Nothing shows the public that you are on top of a situation like coming up with a creative (?) name.


On Tuesday, NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton responded to knife fear. As part of a new operation helpfully dubbed “Cutting Edge,” officers will be deployed to hotspot locations and will track the incidents separately from other felony assaults.

This is basically a test of the city’s predictive policing program, which was launched on a pilot basis last summer and is all about using the numbers to deploy cops smartly. As Politico reports, Commissioner Bratton thinks this micro-targeting strategy—which expands on longstanding initiatives like COMPSTAT that closely track crime data—is the future of American policing. For example, because the numbers say slashings are most likely to occur between 7 PM and 4 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, more officers will be posted up outside of nightclubs and bars.

This reminds me of the not-actually-a-parody London PD Anti-Knife-Crime Task Force. But there is nothing funny about NYC continuing to fetishize inanimate objects, while honest-citizens remain vulnerable to attack.


  1. nyglockowner says:

    Knife fetish aside, there is nothing funny about NYC continuing to arrest and jail otherwise law abiding individuals for carrying a 3 1/2 inch folding knife in their pocket.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    maybe they should just make it illegal to stab people, that ought to do it!


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New York City launches “Operation Cutting Edge” to fight knife-crime outbreak.

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