Sisters arrested after drunken knife fight in front of kids.


A pair of sisters in New Mexico have been charged with child abuse after getting in a knife fight in front of their children – covering one of them in blood.


Jordan and Chelsea Pedro got into the violent fight after a night of heavy drinking in Albuquerque, a court heard.

The pair continued drinking when they returned home where they became increasingly aggressive, according to court documents seen by KOAT News.

At some point in the night, they wielded knives and stabbed one another in Jordan’s place of residence but neither sister could recall what the fight was about.

Police officers who arrived at the scene said the apartment was covered in blood.

Three children were found in the residence, and one of them had blood on his face and behind his ears, though it did not belong to them.

All three children, with the youngest one aged five, were unharmed.

To quote The Blogfather: “The 21st Century isn’t working out the way I had hoped”.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Sisters! Can’t get along together.

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Sisters arrested after drunken knife fight in front of kids.

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