3 inmates stabbed in Cook County Jail brawl


Cook County Jail

Up to 20 inmates were injured along with 2 guards when a fight broke out in the Maximum Security section of the Cook County Jail in Chicago. 3 inmates were

From NBC Chicago:

Fire officials received a call shortly before 4 p.m. reporting three prisoners stabbed at 2834 W. 31st St., according to fire media affairs.

The Cook County Sheriff’s office said a fight broke out between two detainees on a general population tier in maximum security Division 9. As many as 20 detainees joined in and became involved in the fight, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

One detainee used what is believed to be a pen or “other writing instrument” to “inflict non-life threatening injuries on three detainees, officials said.

The fight last only a couple of minutes after one correctional officer used pepper spray to break it up, according to authorities.

One of the injured guards was apparently overcome by the pepper spray, while another was hit in the head by a food tray. Even in a maximum security section of a literal Police State, any item can be weaponized, not to mention an inmate’s feet or hands. Yet hoplophobes believe you can remove “dangerous” objects from a free society. Better to remove the dangerous people, as imperfect of a solution as that might be – as this incident illustrates.


  1. cmeat says:

    if you run out of mace, just start dribbling. or pass. or shoot.

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3 inmates stabbed in Cook County Jail brawl

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