A Different View of Blade Show 2014


Unlike me, John Holbrook is an actual professional photographer. He runs the blog “Thrumylens”, where he documents his interest in dogs, guns, knives and gear.

In my post-show research, one thing I have noticed is the lack of “on the floor reporting” from the Blade Show. It makes me all the happier that TTAK was able to be there. It was a tremendous experience for me personally, and feel like we really advanced the football in growing the blog. I did find one outstanding example though, from photographer John B. Holbrook II on his blog Thrumylens.org

What I really like about John’s reporting is the narrative flow (the photography is much better than mine as well). He only made two posts, one each on Friday and Saturday so there is a very different feel than the more “update” style I used in my coverage. And he covered more of the “what it was like to be there” as well. Many more shots of the venue, his dinner, and some really nice knife pictures.


John found many knives I did not, and took some great shots.

I think you will enjoy his blog. He is a shooting, knife, and golf enthusiast. While at Blade he covered many makers I did not, and what clicked with his eye differs from mine so by visiting you can see many more knives and different styles.

One thing I found interesting and comforting is that he complained about the photographic conditions on the show floor. I had been finding the lighting maddening myself, especially for those commercial dealers who brought lighted display cases. Nothing like photographing dark objects that are simultaneously back-lit. And I was just using my iPhone. He has training and good equipment and struggled. I don’t feel so bad now.

Let me know what you think. I hope that it compliments my blogging and enriches your understanding of the Blade Show experience.

Editors note: I have been corresponding with John and the copyrighted pictures are used with permission.


  1. Thanks for the kind words and highlighting my article on your site Clay! Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

  2. Nathan says:

    There was a lot of coverage on Instagram. I haven’t checked any blogs but Terafanatic on Youtube uploaded his coverage. Jim Skelton should have a video of his scores up soon as well

  3. Terry Warlock says:

    Instagram seems to be a big way to put forth the goods in a timely and easy to use manner. I’ll also say that YouTube user sticktodrum has really good videos – they’re well-shot, informative, and CONCISE most importantly.


    I freakin’ hate 10+ minute monologues of rambling descriptions and some dude just rotating a knife and pointing at features while out of focus.

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A Different View of Blade Show 2014

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