A Reader Made This: Mark N’s Sgain Dubh.

Image courtesy Mark N.

One of our recent Questions Of The Day has prompted a bit of a response. Reader Mark N. sent me a photo of this Scottish sgain dubh he made from a kit. 

Mark wrote me:

This is my Scottish sgain dubh. The handle came from a blank of Scottish bog oak, although the blade was rough and had to be finish honed. I don’t have the tools to make a blade, or even to grind one from a blank, but I have a fascination for the blacksmithing knives and swords.

By the way, this knife was a kit from a company in Inverness, Scotland, high above Loch Ness.  I made this for a neighbor to go with his regalia. Very fun project–and my first effort at something like this.  Not a bad result.

Not bad indeed! There’s no need to apologize for not starting from scratch, though. A rough knife kit is a great introduction to the art and science of knifemaking for those of us who don’t own a blast furnace, power hammer and bench grinder.

There must be more home-made knives out there? Send your stories and photos to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com.


  1. Aharon says:

    That is a great looking knife and especially for a first project. I’m very impressed. Are the cuts in the blade jimping or is that a saw back feature along the edge? It looks to me like it is probably a saw back though I’m not sure.

  2. Michael says:

    Would not mind knowing the name of the kit he used, been looking for a usable Sgain Dubh. As well as on that just looks nice to wear when kilted up.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    I like it. Certainly better than my first try would have turned out.

  4. Sam L. says:

    Aharon, that’s jimping. Although, the notches are only on the sides and don’t go thru the top of the blade. On the one I have, they alternate, leaving a wavy 1/16″ flat on top.

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A Reader Made This: Mark N’s Sgain Dubh.

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