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As written about previously(here), I own and carry a Smith & Sons Mudbug lockback folding knife as my main work knife. I used to carry it in the coin pocket in my Roundhouse or Carhartt work pants, but every now and then when I’m hanging over the edge of a roof, or am on my back checking out the siding of the house the knife would slide out. Once I even lost it for a few days until a nice customer found it outside and called me to let me know.

Clearly I needed to find a better way to carry the Mudbug. Smith & Sons makes a leather sheath for their knife, but for me the sheath doesn’t work. It rides too high and impedes my bending ability for getting through tight spaces such as a crawlspace under a house, or a tight attic while doing my inspections.

I needed something else.

Lucky for me, one of the premier hand forged knife makers in the countries lives right in my backyard. I’ve developed a relationship for Matt Lesniewski over the past year or so, and have been to his shop several times to check out his awesome knives. I currently own two of them(reviews will be coming at some point), and while his knives are amazing, his leather work is just as good. Pictured below is one of his knives that I currently own.

I dropped him off my knife and only had two requests for the sheath, that it be a traditional snap belt sheath, and be in natural leather. He gave me a two week time table and I was on my way.

It was finished in a little over a week and I went back in to pick it up.

The sheath was perfect. Thick American leather from Wickett and Craig located in Curwensville, Pennsylvania and a producer of leather since 1867. Matt, using his signature durable saddle stitch and 5 twist waxed cord was able to create an awesome leather sheath that should last for years and patina beautifully.

I’ve been wearing it every day for work(6 days a week) since I picked it up 2 months ago. In that time it hasn’t come unsnapped on accident once, gotten caught on any nails or attic hatches, and is barely showing any wear and tear from constantly being scraped along concrete in basements or 2×4’s in attics.


Matt even made sure to stitch a small piece of leather on the inside of the sheath to sit between the knife and the brass button. This keeps the button from scratching the knife while it’s resting safely in the sheath.


On the rear of the sheath, very lightly tooled in is the MLknives mark, country of origin, Matt’s last name, and the year it was made.


All in all I couldn’t be happier with this sheath, the way it was delivered earlier than the time frame given to me, and how it is worn on my belt.

If you are looking for any custom leather work, or hand forged knives for that matter, make sure you check out! you will not be disappointed. As well, give him a follow on Instagram @mlknives


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Accessory Review- Custom sheath from

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