Accessory Review: ThruNite Ti3 flashlight

Thrunite Ti3

Last week I asked if our readers carry a flashlight as part of their EDC kit. It generated a tremendous amount of feedback. I seldom need one, yet I feel like it is a pretty significant omission to my EDC preparedness.

I was intrigued by reader boardsandbikes suggestion:


I carry a Thrunite Ti3 for occasional or emergency use. It runs off a single AAA battery yet generates 120 lumens. It’s not much bigger than the AAA battery. If I constantly needed a flashlight I would carry something larger but this works fine and is always with me.

I needed something to cross the free shipping threshold on Amazon, so I dropped a ThruNite Ti3 in my cart. ($19.95)

The diminutive size is what piqued my interest. I have resisted carrying a flashlight in my EDC kit because I weighed the amount of time I am out after dark against the PITA of adding one more item to my pockets and opted for not. But this one really is barely larger than a AAA battery.

The titanium body adds virtually no weight beyond that of the battery itself. It comes with a pocket clip, or you can add the included mini key-ring and/or clip. There is an o-ring to provide friction and keep water out.


This little light packs a punch. 120Lm in high-mode.

Don’t let the size fool you. This thing puts out some serious light. There are 4 modes. A .04Lm low mode would be good for reading a map without trashing your vision or distracting a driver. There is a 115 hour listed battery life in this setting.

To switch to the medium mode, rapidly twist the light off and back on. This gives you 12Lm and a 6.3 hour life. Another twist cycle gives you the high beam. It puts out a whopping 120Lm and will chew through a battery in just 30 minutes. However, this a painfully bright light which leaves one with about 45 seconds of blurred vision. Cycle again and it activates a 120Lm strobe. Good for signalling or disorienting an attacker. The 4 twist cycles makes it less than ideal in terms of tactical deployment however.

It was bright enough to totally overwhelm the reflective treatment on old license plates from almost 20 feet away. (see above) It would shine on the treeline 25+ yards across my yard.

All in all I got what I was looking for. Namely, a light small enough to get me over the hump and actually carry, yet strong enough to be truly useful if called into use. It impressed my father-in-law enough that he wanted one for my mother-in-law’s stocking. I ordered two, one for him as well.




  1. “You’ve taken your first step into a larger world” – Obiwan

    Let the flashlight addiction begin!

  2. That’s why i like ThruNite Ti3 flashlight. First thing it have keychain secondly very small but enough power(lumens). So, i can walk on dark keeping flashlight in my purse.

  3. tac says:

    I have ThruNite Ti2 flashlight. Really, it works great for me. I always get good service from this brand

  4. That is the reason i like ThruNite Ti3 flashlight. Initially thing it have keychain besides little however enough power(lumens). In this way, i can stroll on dull keeping flashlight in my satchel.

  5. I love this little Thrunite Ti3 flashlight because it’s so practical and small! Having a powerful tac like on my keychain comes in so handy compared to those weak LED flashlights that I used to use. I could rarely see anything 5 feet in front of me with those older models but now with this I can easily locate my items in the dark. Good article on a quality micro flashlight.

    1. Thanks. I think I am up to 6 of them now.

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Accessory Review: ThruNite Ti3 flashlight

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