Alaska Gov. Signs Switchblade Repeal, Preemption Bill

Alaska House Bill 33

As it so happens I’m in a hotel room right now, listening to Queen play on the hotel TV’s classic rock music station. While I’m listening to the quirky lyrics of ‘Killer Queen’ at the moment, I’m thinking of another Freddie Mercury standard right now: Another One Bites The Dust.

Because another state has just repealed most of its criminal knife laws, legalized automatic knives and enacted statewide knife law preemption. Lets have a big hand for Alaska!

And another huge round of applause for Knife Rights, which is setting them up and knocking them down with a legislative alacrity that the NRA can only envy.

Image courtesy Knife Rights

Governor Parnell (left, joined by Knife Rights legislative director Todd Rathner) signed the bill into law a few days ago. It goes into effect on September 18th. This is the fifth major legislative victory for the knife lobbying group in just the first six months of 2013.

These awesome people are bringing sanity and rationality to our nation’s knife laws with a speed that’s simply breathtaking. At this rate they’ll have the whole country cleaned up in about four more years, possibly excluding slave states like CA, NY, NJ, and much of New England.

If you haven’t joined Knife Rights yet, it’s time to consider it.


  1. Mr. Lighter says:

    The Knife Rights link is malfunctioning. I’d like to join…

  2. Ivan w/ an Ar says:

    YAY! I live in Juneau, and a local specialty shop has been selling autos for years. Now I can actually buy one!

  3. Loyd says:

    This year seems to be a big year for the liberalization of knife laws. Great news all around.

  4. PMP says:

    Constitutional carry and now legal automatic knives…….Great Job Alaska!

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Alaska Gov. Signs Switchblade Repeal, Preemption Bill

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