Alone Season 5: All-Stars Return!

Alone is back! For Season 5 they are returning to their original format of solo survival but with a new twist. All the contestants this time around are return favorites from previous seasons and they will be surviving in remote Mongolia. Full cast list and initial knife identifications can be found below.

Full cast as follows:

  1. Sam Larson, season one
  2. Nicole Apelian, season two
  3. Randy Champagne, season two
  4. Larry Roberts, season two
  5. Britt Ahart, season three
  6. Carleigh Fairchild, season three
  7. Dave Nessia, season three
  8. Jesse Bosdell, season four
  9. Brad Richardson, season four
  10. Brooke Whipple, season four

From History:

“Second chances don’t come often, but this season on “Alone” it’s all about redemption as former participants of HISTORY’s hit nonfiction survival series return in season five premiering Thursday, June 14 at 10PM ET/PT. Dropped off in Northern Mongolia, the most remote location yet, the ten survivalists will be separated by miles and endure brutal, subzero temperatures, deadly predators and punishing isolation, as they push themselves once more to their limits.

After coming up short in their respective seasons, these men and women have even greater motivations and well-planned strategies for survival. They must build their own shelters, hunt their own food, and overcome numerous deadly obstacles—such as the venomous Siberian Pit Viper and feral wolves—if they want to be the last person standing. With ten survival tools each, enough camera gear to self-document their experiences and a cash prize of $500,000 on the line, season five will bring higher stakes, impressive levels of ingenuity and a greater desire to succeed than ever before. No camera crew. No gimmicks. ‘Alone’ is the utmost test of human will and fierce determination to overcome the elements. This season, who will have the strength to endure the longest and win the ultimate prize?”

I will be curious to see what knives the contestants bring this time around. Will they go with their tried and true blades from their previous outing, or choose something new. History has not posted gear videos yet, but there are a couple of clues that can be gleaned from promo videos and commercials.

Seen here is a Becker BK7. It looks like Britt Ahart (Season 2) has brought the same knife as he did the first time around.

It is hard to tell, but here is a shot of Nicole Apelian, also from Season 2, with her knife belted in front looking very similar to her knife from Season 2.

The only one other shot I could find online is below. I’m not sure what cast member this shows, nor can I identify the knife.

I have also seen a commercial on air that appears to show Season 3 runner-up Carleigh Fairchild and her L.T. Wright Genesis. It also seems to show a fish-hook lodged in her hand! Unfortunately I can not find the commercial online anywhere to get a screenshot. Instead here is a photo from a couple of weekends ago where I actually met Mrs. Fairchild at the LTWK Pouting campout.

While waiting to figure out the new knives for the season, it is a good time to bone up on the knives from previous seasons. Can’t wait to see what all the folks bring to Season 5!



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Alone Season 5: All-Stars Return!

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