Another New York subway slashing…


Subway knife attacks are up 50% YTD, and knife attacks citywide are up more than 20%

I understated the cumulative total of city-wide knife attacks in NYC the last night. I estimated using an earlier figure in the 290’s and knew of more than 10 more documented incidents so I stated “more than 300” attacks YTD. It turns out that I underestimated by a significant amount.


Reported stabbing and slashing attacks in New York City are up 21 percent — from 503 to 609 — this year compared to last year. In the transit system alone, there have been 15 slashings this year, compared to 10 for the same period last year.

In this latest incident, a 60 year-old man was slashed on the subway following an altercation. If you are interested, listen to the embeds below. What really caught my attention in the CBS article was this list of recent knife attacks of note in the City.

Recent incidents across the city this month include the slashing of an anti-crime officer in Brownsville on Sunday. She was slashed from her neck to her cheek as she tried to break up a fight.

“I don’t worry about it too much, but I think it’s unsettling that that happens,” said Emily Lerner of Brooklyn.

“I don’t take the train personally and now I’m definitely not going to take the train anymore,” a construction worker who saw the victim told CBS2.

A teen is also facing charges in connection with the recent attack on a Greenwich Village restaurant worker, who needed 137 stitches after he was slashed in the face.

Police are also looking for a suspect wanted in connection with a slashing that took place outside of a clothing store in SoHo.


  1. samuraichatter says:

    These crimes are reminiscent of the Goetz subway incident of 1985. This type of thing has been happening for very along time in NYC subways.

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Another New York subway slashing…

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