Arrest made in NJ stabbing-spree


I have been avoiding TV news like the plague lately, so I am not sure if this cracked the shitshow election coverage or not. Tonight was the first I heard of this weekend stabbing spree in New Jersey that left 3 dead and 3 more injured. The family knew the dirtbag. The dirtbag was already wanted for a shooting and sexual assault.


A Newark man has been charged with murder in the fatal stabbings of two children and a college student that also injured three people.

Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray and Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose announced Monday that Jeremy Arrington, 26, was charged with murder; attempted murder; criminal restraint; unlawful possession of a knife; possession of a handgun and a knife for unlawful purposes.

The stabbings happened in a home on Hedden Terrace Saturday afternoon.

Police posted a picture of Arrington on Facebook in October and said he was wanted for shooting and sexually assaulting a friend. Whitehurst is believed to have shared that post on social media. Investigators say Arrington went to the house on Saturday to exact revenge.

Officials say there were four adults and five children in the home at the time of the attacks. Arrington, who was known to the family, is accused of stabbing six people, killing three of them.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I trust he’ll get a really long sentence.

    1. unknow says:

      that was a good man i knew him he was loving caring he has been around my kids and all that could of been us i saw him that night he told me to take my girls in side and then he went on a killing spring thats fucked up why the kids tho

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Arrest made in NJ stabbing-spree

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