Australia takes a baby-step towards knife sanity


Aussies can now kit-up with one-hand opening knives. (photo from

While it is only a minor step, our friends down under may now carry one-hand opening knives and unassisted flippers. Switchblades and assisted-opening knives remain verboten, but progress is progress.

I learned of this change from the folks at

“December 14, 2015: Congratulations to our mates down under as new Australian customs regulations go into effect that removes “flipper knives” from the list of knives (in Schedule 13 – table item 14)) that are banned from import into the country. This was the regulation cited in recent years by Customs inspectors to prohibit many one-hand opening knives from being imported into Australia.

There is no indication that KnifeRights had a hand in the Australian changes, though there is a unaffilliated Facebook page “Australian Knife Rights” that seems to take some inspiration from Doug and the crew of the American They are certainly happy about this development regardless.

As are the folks on Aussie knife forums:

“I’m reeeeally excited about this!

I bought GITD Manix from the first EDCF batch and it was confiscated by AUS customs.

Long story short, the nice customs lady allowed me the option of sending it back to the EDCF store without any penalty, as long as I sent customs a return paid envelope.
I did this, and it all worked out ok in the end.

But I’ve been hankering for an EDCF GITD Manix ever since.

..time to start saving for one again now that AUS import laws allow this knife”  “Bloke” on


“Finally that Benchmade with the axis lock I’ve always wanted! And then, that Kershaw that would have failed the flick test because of the gorgeous blade and weight! Then I can get those Ken Onion designs I love, and the ZTs, think of the ZTs!

Gonna need to grovel to my wife and work some overtime for this“WWilburforce” from Australian Blade Forums

(From a “How will you celebrate?” thread):

“I have already started…………… finally getting my grubby hands on ZT 0801 also a Benchmade Loco, and a Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2.2 I cant wait, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeew” “Archeredge” Australian Blade Forums.

Finally, this post by “WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot” sums it up best:

“I’m holding a wake for my wallet tonight, and drinking to the changes”  Australian Blade Forums.

Congrats to our Aussie friends. Enjoy your new knives. In the words of Doug Ritter, the secret of KnifeRight’s success stateside lies in their “never taking no for an answer”. Even if you get something you have been wanting, keep pushing. If you are denied, come back next time stronger and more organized. Never give up.

If you are an Australian reader of TTAK, thanks for visiting and please drop a note in the comments and say hello.




  1. Sam L. says:

    Congrats to the Aussies!

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Australia takes a baby-step towards knife sanity

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