Coming Soon From Kershaw: ‘Lifter’ Blackwash

Expanding on its recent line of blackwash-finish knives, Kershaw is set to release the new ‘Lifter’ model, possibly even before the Blade Show in June. The all-steel folder features both flipper and thumbstud opening, with Kershaw’s patented Speedsafe assisted opening mechanism and a sturdy liner lock. Unusual for a Kershaw, it’s got a deep-carry pocket […]

Masked Machete Bandit Gets No Love In San Diego

If you need to rob a gas station (and need I say that’s a mighty big “if”?) there are some things you don’t want to do. First you don’t want to knock over a Mini-Mart just a mile from your crib. You also don’t do it in daylight, you don’t drive your own car, and […]

Is Britain Banning Spoons Now?

This Facebook page is only satire, but nobody seems to have told Britain’s Tesco supermarkets about it. When 16-year-old Liam Whelen of Lancashire tried to buy teaspoons at a Tesco store in Haslingden, they refused. Employees told he had to be 18 to buy them, and they sent home empty-handed . . .