5 From The Grinder with Allen Surls

Allen Surls has quite the pedigree, having taken stints apprenticing at both Fiddleback Forge and the Loveless knife shop. More impressive is this. Despite being trained by two makers with instantly recognizable and iconic design sensibilities, Allen has managed to create his own distinct style: a blend of his mentors’ influence with a classic Frontier-style […]

Review: Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

When I think of Work Sharp, the excellent Ken Onion Work Sharp (read review here) springs to mind, but the company also makes conventional, yet modern, manual sharpeners. Enter the Pocket Knife Sharpener, a pocket sized (who’da thunk) unit combining a 320-grit diamond plate and ceramic hone. Is it as effective and easy to use […]

BLADE Show 2018: Our Videos From The Show Floor

BLADE Show is where knifemakers get to interact directly with their fans and customers, and thanks to the internet and social media that connection can be shared worldwide. Click below to hear from some of the best in the business, and find out my nomination for Best In Show. Just a clue: everyone can afford […]

The Knives of History’s Alone: Season 5

Get ready for Season 5 of Alone on History! This year features returning cast from the first four seasons of the show, who are tasked with surviving as long as they can, while filming themselves, with ten survival items to aid them. Last one standing gets $500,000! This being a knife blog, let’s find out […]