Nature’s Knives: Spitting Snakes

Some snakes produce venom. Some do not. Of the ones that do, a small portion have the ability to “project” their venom at a distance. Venom so powerful that it can kill an elephant does a snake little good if it dies in the encounter as well. Nature has a solution: “spit”. “Spitting” is a […]

What Would Adrian Paul Do?

For those of you who do not know, there is a famous film and TV franchise named “The Highlander“. It revolves around “immortals” who do not age and who take each other’s heads in the hope of becoming “The One”. The first movie was great, the rest generally sucked. However, the TV series is where […]

Open Question: Melee Weapon of Choice?

How much of a role (if any) do weapons, that are not firearms, play in your personal defense? By personal, I mean “you” singular as well as those around you (including family). For me they play a small role but it is there. Inside about seven feet is where blades and impact weapons come in. […]

Knife Review: Kershaw Atmos

I have never been a flick/flipper guy when it came to knives. I thought it was a bit cheesy and unnecessary. Part of my reluctance rested on the fact I was never that good at it – part of that was because of the knives I had tried. I always thought that if I wanted […]

Obscure Object of Desire: Big Joe 5

Guy card check here. When someone asks you why you need a crossbow-speargun hybrid that person better not possess the Y-chromosome. “Killing Nazis” or “Killing Sentries” are good reasons along side “Cuz Cool”. For those of you who do not know, Big Joe 5 was a crossbow style weapon developed around WWII by the OSS […]