Knife Review: Gerber Gator Premium

  On the fourth day of Gerber Week this writer brings to you, a pretty good utility/camp knife. Did anybody sing that with me? No? I guess it’s still too early for Christmas songs, but not too early to think about getting this for someone as a stocking stuffer. That’s right, I’m endorsing a Gerber product. […]

News Flash: Battle Bots is coming back!

And I couldn’t be happier. But what does this have to do with knives? Here’s a rundown if you didn’t watch the show a little over a decade ago. People build robots and compete with them tournament style. Often times there’s saw blades, spikes, bludgeoning devices, flipping mechanisms, and the occasional flamethrower. As a kid, […]

Black Friday Deals

Just a quick reminder that Black Friday is coming up. Many knife dealers have specials going on. The ones to pay attention to are Blade HQ, GP Knives, Cutlery Shoppe, and Knife Center. I don’t know exact sales yet, but they’re usually pretty awesome. We’ll update you guys as we get more information. UPDATE #1: […]

Blade HQ Cooking Competition

During my downtime between class and work, I watch a few YouTube videos here and there. Today this one, from Blade HQ’s competition series popped up. I’ve been trying to build up my kitchen knife set, so it really intrigued me. And I like food, but who doesn’t? Anyway, Blade HQ is giving away the […]

Question of the day: Halloween Edition

Can it get more Halloween-related than the movie Halloween? Anyways, here we have young slasher Michael Myers after he made his first kill. We can all see that he used a kitchen knife, but the question is what knife did he use? This one he just grabbed from his kitchen, so it is probably just […]

Question of the Day: Is it a Hobby?

It’s something we’ve all been asked. “Why do you have so many knives?” “Don’t you just need one?” “I wouldn’t spend more than $10 on a knife because it’s stupid.” Sure, you don’t really need an expensive knife to slice some cardboard, but it makes us happy (at least me). So why do we do […]

Gerber Sucks

There, I said it. It’s a shame that they suck because they used to be a great company. But today’s iteration of the gear company is one based off of name recognition, celebrity endorsements, and cheap knives. Not cheap as in inexpensive like Kershaw. Cheap as in cheap quality. Back in the 1980’s, they were […]