New from Viking Solutions: Deer Splitter Shooting deer is easy. Well, relative to dressing them. And by “dressing” I don’t mean asking whether sir dresses right or left. I mean getting to grips with the guts of the thing. It’s kind of ironic that a company that’s made the process less gore-tastic is named Viking Solutions. I would have thought the […]

NY Woman Sues Cops For Not Letting Her Stab herself to Death

OK, that’s a fairly liberal interpretation of events, as described by The paper reports that Joann “no e” Clarke’s boyfriend called the po-po to his Pelham Bay apartment last year, “telling a 911 dispatcher Clarke was emotionally disturbed and ‘might hurt herself.’ Officers found Clarke with steak and carving knives, cutting into her own body before eventually […]

Self-Defense Tip: De-Knife Your Carry-On and Person Before Flying

Over that The Truth About Guns, we’ve chronicled the large number of concealed carry permit holders who forgot to remove a gun from their carry-on. The TSA blog reports that the blue shirted goons (paraphrasing) confiscated 821 firearms from January to July 2012. How many knives? So many that the overpaid, overweight, overbearing begloved safety Nazis (paraphrasing) […]

EDC for CCW: Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary Knife

  OK, so we’re a little late on this one. As the engraving on the tactical liner-locking folding knife above reveals, we missed the diamond anniversary of the Automat Kalashnikov 47 (a.k.a., AK-47) by a year. But hey, if you could wait 65 years for a knife, you could wait another one, da? The more interesting question: […]

Ray Rybar’s Custom Knife Tribute to Sgt. Joseph Caskey

  While the general public is increasingly ambivalent about America’s military role abroad, the trend for “tribute knives” honoring a fallen soldiers, sailor, airmen or marine continues. The magnificent piece above celebrates the life and service of Marine Sgt. Joseph Caskey, killed in Afghanistan on June 26, 2010. It was commissioned by Caskey’s high school […]