Badass Axe-user of the Day: British SAS Warrior kills jihadi with a hatchet in raid to free sex slaves

Photo Washington Times

In our latest installment of Badass Blade-user from History, we look to the present-day where an unnamed SAS soldier used a hand-axe as a last-ditch weapon when his rifle jammed.

From Washington Times:

U.S. special operations forces and SAS recently teamed up to free sex slaves in Syria from the Islamic State group. The mission took an unexpected turn, which required an elite warfighter to use an ax to defend himself.

Sources told the Daily Star on Oct. 16 that up to 30 Islamic State terrorists were killed during the covert operation. Women who refused to offer themselves up to the Sunni terrorists were reportedly crucified, dipped in acid or raped.

“The girls and their families were relocated from the village to northern Iraq where they have been welcomed and offered homes,” the source said.

The ax-wielding SAS member had been clearing rooms when his weapon jammed. Although he killed one terrorist with his rifle, a survivor charged before he could perform “immediate action” to fix the malfunction.

The ax, his weapon of last resort during the kill-or-be-killed moment, finished the job.



photo via

The source for the Washington Times piece was this Daily Star UK article which goes into much greater detail on the operation.

A British and US special forces team was flown by helicopter to the outskirts of a village which had been taken over by Isis.

The soldiers attacked the village in force, with the support of armed drones.

A two-hour firefight then took place. Delta Force snipers are said to have killed up to 10 jihadis, while the SAS assault team killed 15 gunmen.

The SAS blasted Islamist fanatics with automatic grenades launchers. And a drone destroyed two pick-up trucks crammed with gunmen who were trying to escape.

One SAS soldier is understood to have killed one of the terrorists with an axe after his assault rifle jammed when he entered a building.

The sergeant, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, was moving through a series of rooms when two jihadis opened fire.

He shot one dead but was unable to fire on the other. As the jihadi ran towards him the SAS man picked up a hand axe and killed him.

Once the terrorists had fled or been killed the soldiers began to search for the girls.

Huzzah to these brave men for their heroism. In a situation with too little good news, their act is a small ray of light.


  1. stuartb says:

    You have to wonder if he had the hatchet as a weapon ready to go or just had it as a tool for every day tasks that he improvised with, and why not a knife? Would be interesting to see if it was more hatchet or tactical tomahawk (I doubt that the image above shows the actual hatchet he used – so clean!)? Still, looked like the right tool for the job – good for him… result!

    1. Hannibal says:

      It says he ‘picked up an axe’ so maybe it just happened to be there in a handy spot…

  2. Ex SAS says:

    What an utter bag of shit…..where do they get this propaganda from?

    1. Care to elaborate?

      I am confused by your reaction. If you are as you say ex-SAS, I do not understand your objections to this piece.

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Badass Axe-user of the Day: British SAS Warrior kills jihadi with a hatchet in raid to free sex slaves

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