Benchmade to end production of Doug Ritter-designed RSK Mk1 and RSK Mk3

(RSK Mk1. image via

As I was working on a longer piece for later publication, an email arrived from Doug Ritter. Doug is most frequently mentioned in these pages as Chairman of KnifeRights, but is also a highly regarded knife designer (and survival writer). In his email he announced that two of his designs, the RSK Mk1 & Mk3 are going to end production.

From Doug Ritter:

I regret to inform all the fans of my Benchmade-produced RSK Mk1 and RSK Mk3 knives that Benchmade has advised us that it will no longer produce the knives going forward.  You can purchase existing stock at:

Once they are gone, they are gone.

As you may recall, we do not comment on future knife introductions.

Doug Ritter-designed RSK Mk3 (image via

David has a “sub-collection” of Ritter-designed knives. He has reviewed the CRKT-produced RSK Mk6, and at last tally only needed an RSK Mk2 and Mk5. I am sure he will chime in in the comments with an update.

I am hoping that the MK1 lasts through the New Year. I just don’t have the funds to buy one myself this month, but I would love to pick one up before they go the way of the Dodo. There is always the secondary market I guess.


  1. That stinks! Hands down my favorite edc knife. I’ve alternated between the full and mini size folders for the better part of a decade and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    I did manage to complete my modest Ritter collection earlier this year (only one of each model, including the Benchmades, the ESEE/Becker, the CRKT’s, and the hard to find Lone Wolf/Paul/Ritter knife… I don’t worry about catching all the variants of each one.), but I don’t have any backups for my edc folders… plus they are the older S30V versions that I am still using… soooo yeah I just ordered a full size and a mini for backup.

    1. Andrew Williams says:

      They really are the best blade shape around. I’m still searching for my first one, if you’re ever looking to sell one, just let me know.

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Benchmade to end production of Doug Ritter-designed RSK Mk1 and RSK Mk3

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