Black Friday is a week away. Please send us deals you find. 

(image above: Tactical Stocking from BladeHQ – $9.99/50% off)

We have made a point of running a Black Friday Open Thread the past couple of years and I would like to carry on the tradition again.

I will be making several updates through the day next Friday, tipping you all off on what are usually some pretty sweet deals on blades. However, if I had your help I could make it even better. Please post all deals you find in the comments or drop us an email at Also, if you are a small knifemaker and want to advertise any specials for the holiday season, I would be happy to pass those along as well.

Since some sites are not waiting for next Friday, make the jump for some pre-Black Friday deals from Cabelas and BladeHQ and more.



Pre-Black Friday from Cabelas: SOG Field Pup for $19.99 ($79.99 retail)

Cabelas is running flash sales all week, you can click here for the daily deals. Knives aren’t featured today, but this might change. You can also select “knives” as a category and find some great deals like the SOG Field Pup shown above. At the time of this writing there are also deals on a Gerber Evo for $14.99 ($39.99 retail), or a 2 knife Buck Bear gift tin for $19.99 (39.99 retail) among others.


I am not positive, but the KnifeCenter Black Friday page seems to be up and running already. I don’t know if this is it or if more will be coming. I will let you know if I see anything new. Some of what I am seeing now includes a Gerber LMF II for $88.99 ($140 retail), a Sandvik Kershaw Leek for $44.95 ($79.99 retail), or a CRKT Kit Carson M16 for $31.95 ($49.99 retail)



Spend $75 at BladeHQ on Black Friday and you get a free t-shirt while supplies last.

BladeHQ has announced their big 7 Black Friday deals, but these do not go active until Friday at 8pm Eastern on Thanksgiving night. Included among these are a Microtech Carbon Fiber for $299 ($365 retail), Kershaw Dash for $79.95 ($135 retail), and a carbon fiber Boker Kwaiken Tuxedo Flipper for ($165). Orders over $75 get you a free t-shirt while supplies last.

For those not wanting to wait for Friday, BladeHQ’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is up, and includes many great discounts on great knives as well.


Again, please send or post any Black Friday (or Pre-Black Friday) deals you find.

Go above and beyond, and I might just have some swag for you.



  1. Jon M. says:

    Olight via their webstore has announced a pretty huge Pre-Black Friday sale. Now would be a great time to get an S1 or S1R, possibly some of the best EDC lights. Quote from email below:

    “We are excited to announce our Black Friday Sale from November 24 – 28th at All products will be 20 – 45% off!!! Check out our website now to get your list together for the sale. Quantities will be limited so get there early for the best Olight sale of the year!”

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Black Friday is a week away. Please send us deals you find. 

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