Blade 2014: Day 1 Wrap-up. What do you want to see on Day 2?

photo (30)

Signed Knives and Gun prizes from our friends at’s giveaway contest.

Well, day 1 is in the books and I am whooped.  It was like a wonderful cacophony of bright and shininess.  I got my hands on so many incredible blades, and I can’t wait to post them for you.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I largely stayed away from the big producers. I can see their stuff at Smoky Mountain Knife Works back home. But there is probably no better opportunity  in the world to see work by so many small and talented makers in one place than at the Blade Show.

Here are just a couple more for now. There will be plenty to come.

photo (31)

“Rude Boy” titanium frame-lock by Chuck Gedraitis of Massachusetts.

Titanium-scaled folders are all the rage at the moment. There are new ones from CRKT and others, but I really do like the Rude Boy by Chuck Gedraitis. It is small and lightweight, with elegant lines and a CPM154 blade. The downside? A $600 price tag. But this seems in line with what I have been seeing at the show for knives of this size and quality.

photo (33)

With the polished coral scales and brass hardware, one would not guess that this knife is an automatic.

The second knife is deceptively cool. It is made by Jim Krause and not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also is automatic. Unlike the OTFs and button-release automatics I have seen, this one releases (and unlocks to close) by sliding the bolster.

photo (32)

Unlike the other automatics I have seen, this one releases and locks by sliding the bolster.

So day 1 is a wrap. It has been an education to say the least.

What do you, our Edged Intelligentsia, want to see from Day 2? 

As I mentioned before, I am going to spend some time with the guys from CRKT, I plan to look at the new Benchmades, interview more small custom makers, and hopefully figure out which automatic to get. (after July 1 of course).






  1. Tom in Oregon says:

    William Henry?

  2. Nathan says:

    Elishewitz. Hoback. Lambert. Chavez. Diskin. Begg. So many good makers out there. Especially the new once like Ramon Chavez

    1. Nathan…check twitter. :). If not you will need to wait to see Chaves’s new knives.

  3. CM says:

    Would love to hear updates on microtech especially new products and delivery schedules. Sadly their website isn’t the most up to date and they didn’t attend the NRA show the day I was there.

    1. They were pretty evasive when I asked. Sorry. I will try again tomorrow if I can.

  4. It'sAlwaysRainyInPittsburgh says:

    I’ve not heard from the Graham Bros with their razel design in quite some time. I’m curious to see what he has in the works and if they are pursuing am affordable line since it seems CRKT had discontinued their Razel production.

  5. Jalene Robson says:

    Want to see Robson Knives Idaho. Still the only knife of it’s kind with American Steel. Each one a custom handmade knife. To hold them is to love them.

  6. Terry Warlock says:

    Glad things are going well H. Clay! I like your plan so far. I’m also in the market for our July 1st Freedom Day, and the two companies who have high quality offerings that aren’t Texa$ money are Benchmade’s H&K line and Asheville Steel, see if they appeal to you.

  7. Terry Warlock says:

    Also, there’s some rumblings about some new titanium super metal from Sumnit Research, might be interesting to lool in to.

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Blade 2014: Day 1 Wrap-up. What do you want to see on Day 2?

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