Blade 2014: Day 2 Afternoon Update

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This morning was CRKT’s “Chop-Fest”, a small off-site gathering for media types to play with the tools.

It is hard to believe that it is already so late in the afternoon. Time is flying by. At least for me – sitting at a table talking about ones’ knives can get tiring for the makers I am sure. I have been on that side of the table as well at fishing shows.

I am back at the hotel for an hour to change into non-sweaty clothes and do a little blogging. Just a reminder, you can follow us at @knifetruth on Twitter for real-time updates.

I spent the morning in the Chattahoochee Natl. Recreation Area just about a mile from the convention site, gettting to demo a bunch of CRKT’s new and existing product line. I will be writing more about that later in depth, but I got my hands on some great stuff, and even have a knife to give away to a reader. Now I just need to come up with another contest.

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The new “Steep Canyon” is a serious hunk of S30V from Benchmade.

I had the opportunity to look at all of the new knives from Benchmade, all of which seem to be every bit as well made and functional as one would expect. I was especially drawn to the new Steep Canyon, but you all already know of my bias towards bushcraft style drop-points so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. However the 5400 Serum automatic with their new Axis dual-action is a frontrunner in my auto-knife audition. I have lots to write about all of the new Benchmade’s and will do so in a later post. I will say that I am impressed by the new system, and it works as described.

photo (37)

The new Redencion 228 from Chaves Knives. For Nathan.

Per Nathan’s request, I sought out Ramon Chaves of Chaves Knives. Really nice guy with some nice tacti-cool blades. He is debuting two new Knives at the show, the Redencion 228, which is slightly smaller than his original Redincion, as well as the Liberacion, which is bigger than either Redncion at 4.1″ in the blade. Look for a more thorough write-up in a later post.

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The Liberacion. 4.1″ of CPM3V, a serious steel for a serious knife.

Finally, I am happy to say that I took the plunge and bought my first knife from a custom maker. For whatever reason, the Kim Breed Model 15 just really stuck with me. Not only was it the first knife that stopped me in my tracks, the more blades I looked at throughout the show, the more that one just seemed right for me. I look forward to carrying and testing it.

photo (39)

The Model 15 from Kim Breed Custom Knives. My first ever custom purchase.

The show has been a whirlwind, but I am finding a plethora of avenues to explore in future posts. More to come. Keep checking back.



  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    Thanks for the reports….wish I could be there, but have obligations here in Chattanooga. I like the no-nonsense, minimalistic design of your take home/custom knife. I wish more makers did this.

    You know…you are going to have to pick an automatic now that the TN changed.

    1. I agree with both points, the classy lines of my new Kim Breed knife and getting an automatic.

      My two front-runners are the new Benchmade 5400 Serum and a knife by a newish maker, a mini-Helix by Guardian Tactical.

      I will keep you posted. My new knife put a dent in the blade-buying budget.

      Btw, if you ever are headed to the Smokies, give me a shout.

  2. David says:

    Awe blade porn 🙂

  3. Terry Warlock says:

    Congratulations on your first custom buy! Nice choice too, super clean lines and awesome materials, and of course, love that Kephart influence 🙂

    One of these days I’ll pick up a custom, and the fact Kim Breed is from Tennessee just ups the interest.

    Looking forward to more coverage, especially as the 2014 winners were announced!

  4. Kim Breed says:

    I look forward to you using the model 15. Its my favorite and new for 2014. Used it for the last part of deer season with perfect results. thanks.

    1. ^This guy rocks!

      Thank you Kim for taking so much time to talk to me this weekend. I hope I didn’t bother you too much.

      I look forward to using this knife for many, many years to come. You make some beautiful blades. I hope to cross paths with you again in the near future.


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Blade 2014: Day 2 Afternoon Update

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