Blade 2015…It’s coming.

It is hard to believe but the Blade Show 2015 is just a couple of weeks away. I have been busy sending emails and calling contacts I have made both at last year’s show as well as through the blog over the past year. Last year I was just growing into my role as Editor, and as a first time attendee I felt pretty overwhelmed.

Not this time. I have big plans for this year’s show, so big that I am bringing along David Andersen to help me out. David is going to drive down from Maryland, crashing for a night in Knoxville along the way. Together, we going to be able to see and cover so much more this year and I hope bring you all some of the most thorough show coverage on the internet.


It is a big show. I am bringing reinforcements.

I am excited to finally be meeting David after collaborating with him for more than 2 years now. He is going to have the chance to meet Will Woods, connecting another dot in the TTAK family. I can’t wait to introduce him to folks like Kim Breed, Shrek McPhee, Chris Williams and others whom I have maintained contact with or more over the past year.

There are a few industry folks that I am really looking forward to meeting myself. It is a long story, but I have managed to tentatively set up a formal interview with industry legend Sal Glesser, founder of Spyderco Knives. It is a tremendous opportunity for the blog, and I will be soliciting reader questions in a later post.

Another industry heavy-hitter, and well on his way to Legend status himself is jefe Doug Ritter. He might balk at the “legend” moniker, but with each state preemption law passed or blade prohibition law repealed Doug further adds to his resume as one of the most effective champions of knives and the Second Amendment there is.

Doug is no stranger to TTAK. He follows the blog and leaves a comment from time to time, even fielding and responding to reader questions on occasion. I am also set to spend some 1-on-1 interview time with him as well. I am looking forward to finally meeting him.

On the topic of, I will be attending their “Sharper Future Awards Breakfast” on Saturday morning. The keynote speaker is Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke Jr., an outspoken and passionate defenders of our Constitution as you will find. You might recognize him from his occasional TV appearances. The man gives the hoplophobe crowd fits because a black Democrat is not supposed to support the Second Amendment. It should be an interesting talk.

Those are some of the big things that I have planned. Of course there will be tons of knives to see and share with you all. I am starting an Instagram feed for TTAK and plan on kicking of that avenue just prior to the show. More details to follow.

In all, I am looking forward to 3 very intense days of both work and fun. I am sure that when I leave there will be tons that I still wanted to cover but didn’t, though I hope to minimize this by knowing what to expect this time, having a plan, and having help from David as well.

I am going to have a series of Questions of the Day asking for specific knives, makers, etc that you would like us to make a point of covering. If you would like to browse through last years coverage click here.

How can we make this year’s coverage better for you all?

please let us know.


  1. Roger says:

    The one year I set aside time at my job specifically to go to blade show and it’s just not in the cards this year.

    Since you’re interviewing Sal Glesser, I’d like to find out his ideas on the “big tactical(still hate this word)” blade EDC’s. Spyderco has put out one or two to compete with Cold Steel, but they’re not as big or as up to snuff comparatively. I’ve also heard that Spyderco will release a full sized “leatherman style” multitool at the show this year, I’d love to hear about that specifically if they do.

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Blade 2015…It’s coming.

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