Blade Show 2014: First Impressions

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Holy Crap! Where do I start?

I arrived in Atlanta about noon and headed straight to the show floor. Wow. The Blade Show is definitely overwhelming the first time you enter. Instead of focusing on any maker or knife off the bat, I figured it would be best to walk around a bit and simply try to take it all in.

I stuck to this plan for about 10 minutes before I caught sight of a knife that made me stop in my tracks. Nothing too crazy, just an elegant mid-sized fixed blade by a maker with whom I was unfamiliar.

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Model 15 from Kim Breed Custom Knives. The first knife to stop me in my tracks.

I will write more about Kim and his knives later. He specializes in small to mid-sized knives that are both elegant and highly functional. For true custom work he incorporates such exotic handle materials as mammoth ivory. Truly beautiful, but the Model 15, with its shape reminiscent of a small Kephart knife that caught my eye more than the true art pieces.

photo (27)

I finally got my hands on Will Woods’ Titan 2. It is every bit as big and scary as it looks in the pictures.

I had the chance to meet Will Woods, TTAK’s knifemaker in residence and he assures me he will be back to writing a post or two after he unwinds from the show. His knives are really impressive, both in their size and craftsmanship. It takes about 20 hours to make one Titan 2, hence the pricetag, but if I ever wanted a folder the size of a newborn baby, I know which one I want. I have also been playing with throwing knives lately, and Will has a prototype of one of those he will be adding to his line of work.

photo (28)

Woods’ Bladeworks prototype thrower.

I stopped by CRKT for the first of what I am sure will be plenty of visits (including a private event tomorrow). I had the chance to see the Ken Onion Hi Jinx in person. It is every bit as classy and cool as the pictures I had seen. The mechanism opens like butter, the knife feels wonderful in the hand, and is a great toehold for CRKT in the higher-end market. Well done.

photo (29)

Ken Onion Hi Jinx by CRKT. Every bit as cool as the pictures I had seen.

Finally, if you are a Twitter person, please follow us at @knifetruth.  I have been, and will be posting pictures more or less constantly when I am on the floor. Thanks, and please give me any questions or requests in the comments below. I want to be your eyes here in Atlanta, and show you what it is you want to see.



  1. Mike L says:

    If you have time it would be interesting to take the political temperature of the floor. Coming elections. 2A activists for blade folks. Any patriotic blades.

    While the gun world is small shops designing and making guns, the knife world has a ton of single craftsmen in garages making blades. Almost a throwback to the 19th century.

    1. Thanks Mike.

      I haven’t noticed much in the way of “patriot” blades per se, I think the vast majority of those are the Made in China bargain bin types.

      Most of what I am seeing with regards to overt patriotism is more in the mode of lots of veterans, who wear the kinds of shirts you see at your typical gun show (or mall if you live in a red state for that matter). There is your usual cadre of “Molon Labe” wearing civilian types, and such.

      The extent of my “political” conversation has been along the lines of “You can’t ban every pointy and blunt object” with one of the makers. I dont know how it came up precisely, but my sense is that most folks are of like mind in their hoplophilia. The recent UCSD shooting/stabbing/vehicular assault incident was used as an example of how the tool doesn’t matter to the motivation of the perp.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Isn’t Kim Breed the guy who does knife reviews for BLADE? That’s a very slick knife!

    1. maybe? He never said anything to me and we have spent a fair amount of time chatting. I ended up buying that knife.

  3. I was inspired for the concept of throwing knives from the movie Batman (batarangs). Although I have this “Gi Tanto Knife”, it is lightweight and easy to throw.

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Blade Show 2014: First Impressions

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