BLADE Show Names 2013 Knife of the Year Winners

 Zero Tolerance 0454 BLADE Show 2013 award winner (courtesy The Truth About Knives)

As a triskaidekaphobe, I couldn’t bring myself to hunt down all of BLADE Magazine’s 2013 Knife-Of-The-Year award winners. Thirteen categories? In 2013? Shudder. Truth be told TTAK didn’t score an invite to the Saturday night gala banquet—even though I was dying to see what knives everyone used to slice their rubber chicken. And I had to bail for the airport early Sunday. But enough about me. Here’s the official criteria: “All entrants in the Knife-Of-The-Year competition were judged on a number of factors, including utility, design, creativity, materials, aesthetics, feel and other traits.” Vague enough? Political much? Nah. Here’s a list of the winners . . .

•Overall Knife Of The Year®: Zero Tolerance 0454 [as above]

•American-Made Knife Of The Year®: Hogue Elishewitz

•Imported Knife Of The Year®: Fox Knives Modras [link to website, knife not found]

•Most Innovative American Design: Microtech D.O.C. Kill Switch [link to website, knife not found]

•Most Innovative Imported Design: CRKT Ken Onion Swindle

•Best Buy Of The Year: CRKT Endorser

•Kitchen Knife Of The Year®: Ken Onion Chef Works [link to video]

•Investor/Collector Knife Of The Year®: Pro-Tech Newport

•Knife Collaboration Of The Year®: Microtech Mick Strider

•Manufacturing Quality Award: Chris Reeve Knives

•Accessory Of The Year: CRKT Onion Survival Parasaw

•Industry Achievement Award: American Bladesmith Society (ABS) master smith Joe Keeslar for introducing the ABS and modern bladesmithing to France through annual workshops, as well as teaching bladesmithing in the USA via seminars and his books, for his award-winning knives, and for his leadership via several terms on the ABS Board Of Directors and as chairman of the ABS.

•Publisher’s Award: Joyce Laituri, marketing manager of Spyderco, for almost two decades of setting the standard for how to best promote and publicize a knife company’s knives-in this case, those of Spyderco. Her ability to work with the media in terms of providing Spyderco knives, knife imagery, knife information and other materials has been a model for all others in public relations to emulate. No one has done it better.

Also during the banquet, ABS master smith Wayne Goddard became the 50th inductee into the BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall Of Fame©. Celebrating 50 years of making knives, Goddard parlayed the knowledge he’s gained in his knifemaking business into a second career writing about the process, including almost a quarter century as a columnist (“Question & Answer,” “The $50 Knife Shop,” “Steels” and more) for BLADE Magazine, and as an author of several successful books on the subject.


  1. Aharon says:

    “•Accessory Of The Year: CRKT Onion Survival Parasaw”

    It’s an 8-9 foot paracord bracelet with an msrp of $25! I have seen many similar ones selling at gun shows and retail stores for $5-10 that used 550 cord.

    1. Robert Farago says:

      Did you see the saw? If you see saw you might be OK with it.

      1. Aharon says:

        Oops. There is a steel saw hidden in the paracord? Thats a new one. That makes the price better. i won’t be running out to buy one yet it makes the price more justifiable.

  2. Sam L. says:

    The Ken Onion video–all I got was pix and music; no voice track.

    1. Jacob says:

      You only have the right audio track playing, the left channel has voice. Bad headphones/speakers/cables maybe?

  3. pastubbs says:

    Funny story I was at the work sharp both getting my 0350 sharpen and low and behold Ken Onion was sitting in the both. Really nice guy by the way he even recommended the proper angle for shaping the knife so it ended up getting reprofiled per suggestion of the designer. I even got to shake his hand, I’m a bit of a Onion fanboi. I have more Ken Onion designed knives then any other designer. Also that new work sharp thing might give the wicked edge a run for its money they were putting on mirror edges in 5 mins flat. I takes a 30 mins with a wicked edge.

  4. JAS says:

    Good coverage, lots of interesting knives. Thanks!

  5. Some great knives covered, do you have the 2015 coverage?

    1. Honestly, I didn’t get to it in a timely manner last year. It is a chunky post to write, and I focused on other aspects of our Blade Show coverage. Plus there were 2 of us there last year, and we focused more on face to face interactions.

      You can see all our Blade Show posts here:

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BLADE Show Names 2013 Knife of the Year Winners

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