BLADE Show Names 2016 Knife of the Year Winners

Every year, knife companies and knife makers hope to win one of Knife of the Year Awards from BLADE Magazine, with the winners usually picked on the Saturday evening of BLADE Show. The process is competitive and usually a bit political. Let us know what you think of the winners.

BLADE Magazine awarded knives across 15 categories. A number of factors influence the judging, including originality, utility, design, materials and construction and aesthetics. Lionsteel took the Overall Knife Of The Year Award for the second year running, this time for their Metamorposis, an aluminum handled knife with a heat sensitive coating that changes from black to a camouflage pattern when you hold it in your hand.

2016 BLADE Show Knife of the Year® Award Winners

2016 BLADE Show Custom Knife Winners

Congrats to the winners, and better luck next time to the runners up!



  1. cmeat says:

    i had fun clicking through all those links. straight happy.
    now i know about reeve’s insingo blade option, and i am smitten.

  2. chefsdreams says:

    thanks for the quick tour. nice to have the links in one spot. i agree with cmeat, i really like chris’ logo. i may have to ‘share’ that style. also, i like the tozaki miniature. that just might be on the xmas list.

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BLADE Show Names 2016 Knife of the Year Winners

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