Blade-wielding bad-ass from history: Captain Nieves Fernandez, WWII Filipina guerrilla fighter.


Captain Nieves Fernandez, the only female guerrilla leader in the WWII Philippine resistance demonstrates how she would silence Japanese sentries with her bolo knife.

Nieves Fernandez was a schoolteacher in the Philippines when World War Two came. According to a Lewiston Daily Sun article from 1944, the school-marm became a leader of a band of guerrillas, who carried out raids using captured rifles and improvised, gas-pipe shotguns called latongs.

“Working with guerrillas south of Tacloban, Miss Fernandez rounded up native men to resist the Japanese. These men, she said, had 3 American rifles. The rest they made themselves out of gas pipe. They loaded them with gunpowder and old nails.

They also made grenades, and sometimes they got a hold of Japanese weapons.

U.S. Intelligence officers said the Japanese offered 10,000 pesos for her head. She was wounded once, there is a bullet scar on her right forearm”.

Hoplophobes like to argue that there is no way the citizenry would stand a chance against the U.S. Military if SHTF and a full-on insurrection breaks out (never mind that there would also likely be massive defections of patriots). They ignore history, both decades-old and recent. Resistance fighters in WWII inflicted significant damage on the occupying forces, and Afghan mujahadeen have managed to do a pretty effective job against both the Russians in the 1980’s, and unfortunately on our own American and coalition forces this time around.

Captain Fernandez’s guerrillas had only a few real firearms, not the 300 million arms in civilian circulation in the U.S. today. What they did not have they improvised. You can’t ban every tool than may be modified or fabricated into a weapon. Add to the mix the fast-evolving world of 3-d printing, and the futility of weapons bans becomes even more apparent.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Don’t mess with a woman carrying a knife.

    1. cmeat says:

      or she may “bobbitt.”

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Blade-wielding bad-ass from history: Captain Nieves Fernandez, WWII Filipina guerrilla fighter.

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