Bladesports Crowns Champions of the 2016 Worlds Cutting Competition

Bladesports International held their 2016 World Championship yesterday during the BLADE Show at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, GA. The competitors braved the heat and humidity to chop and slice their way through a custom course in as little time as possible.

In the end, former World Champion Dan Keffeler managed to hold off Donavon Phillips to win his fourth straight World Championship Cut, despite Donavan having won the USA National Championship earlier this year.


Likewise, the women’s division saw an upset, as National Champion and favorite to win, Jessica Elias was bested by Nicole Warden in the first Women’s Division World Championship.


On a personal note, I am beyond happy for Nicole. I know her a little, but am friends with her husband, having camped with him on multiple occasions. Nicole is a two-time breast cancer survivor and I know she has put a lot of work into getting where she is. Congratulations Nicole!

The top 3 in the women’s division:

  1. Nicole Warden
  2. Jessica Elias
  3. Shawna Jantz

The top 3 in the men’s division:

  1. Dan Keffler
  2. Donavan Phillips
  3. Russell Cain


  1. Louis muss says:

    How many bottles did he cut through?

    1. cmeat says:

      all of them.

  2. tim kumper says:

    Nicole Warden’s campin husband that has a name……Chris. Congrats to u both

    1. Chris is a class act. Nicole’s win was huge for both of them, although he keeps trying to take partial credit since he sharpened her blade beforehand lol!

  3. Trish Miles says:

    I’m so thrilled for Nicole’s win..
    She is paving the way for more Women to give this sport a chance..
    Not only a Cancer survivor , but a mother of 3 and a Teacher
    She’s a class act..
    Way to go Nicole…

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Bladesports Crowns Champions of the 2016 Worlds Cutting Competition

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