Boker and Caracal announce the Caracal FB fixed-blade collaboration


Boker has announced a collaboration with Caracal International, The Caracal FB.

Are there any firearms companies that haven’t partnered with knife companies? Remington has Bear and Sons, CRKT partnered with Ruger, Hogue with Sig Sauer , FNH with Bawidaman, and on and on. Boker USA has announced a collaboration with UAE-based firearms manufacturer Caracal. This coincides with Caracal’s return to the market, hopefully with improvement to the reliability and safety of their pistols. (read more at TTAG). The knife is called the Caracal FB, and will be released under the Boker Plus line of knives.

Press Release below the jump.

Boker Plus Caracal FB
Lakewood, Colorado (June 7, 2016) – Boker USA is proud to introduce the Caracal FB by Boker Plus.

This compact fixed blade knife, designed by Boris Manasherov, not only provides superior durability with its full tang construction and 4.8mm blade thickness, but also outstanding ergonomics with the positioning of the grooves.

The bellied blade, made of trusted D2, has a flat grind and easily tackles even heavy duty jobs. The extended tang functions as an impact element and lanyard hole, and the rugged G-10 handle scales provide a comfortable and secure grip. Includes a Kydex sheath and belt adapter

Blade length: 4⅛”. Overall length: 9⅛”. Weight: 7.4 oz. Suggested Retail Price: $129.95.
The Boker Plus Caracal FB (item #02BO770) is available for purchase through Boker USA, Inc.

The knife looks pretty solid. Boker has a better reputation than Caracal at the moment, so they are the ones taking the risk. At $129 MSRP, it should crack $100 on the street. Spot on price for a D2 fixed blade from a manufacturer as well respected as Boker.



  1. Edgehill says:

    It’s about the same size as the Spyderco Street Bowie (the blade is a little shorter), but it’s twice as heavy. This is one I’ll have to see if the extra weight detracts from its use.

  2. knightofbob says:

    I’ve owned and used a few proper (German-made) Bokers, and they are great production knives. In fact, I always said if I deployed, I would buy another Applegate-Fairbairn to go with me. From what I’ve seen of the “Plus” line, not so much. They seem perfectly usable, just not up to the quality I expect from the parent brand or the price asked.

  3. sagebrushracer says:

    that slot and hole look like a rockstead ripoff..

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Boker and Caracal announce the Caracal FB fixed-blade collaboration

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