“Bommy-Knocker” turned in at UK weapons amnesty.

Or flail if you prefer. Bedfordshire (UK) Police were surprised when someone turned in what they are calling a “Medieval-style Bommy-Knocker” at a recent gun, knife, and other weapon amnesty event.

From UK Daily Mail:

Officers in Bedford allowed members of the public to hand in weapons without fear of prosecution as part of a campaign to take items of the streets.

Along with the handguns and blades which were handed in however, was the gruesome-looking metal flail like those thought to have been used by warriors in the Middle Ages.

The fearsome weapon, along with 2,000 knives and an assortment of guns collected by the police, will now be destroyed to ensure they do not end up in the hands of criminals.

Bedfordshire’s Sergeant Ben Dimmock said: ‘While we get used to seeing all kinds of things handed in during these campaigns, the flail was a particularly gruesome piece of equipment capable of inflicting serious injuries of worse. It is now in the best place for it – the crusher.’

As part of a nation-wide campaign called Operation Sceptre, forces around the country are urging people to hand in their so-called ‘zombie knives’ – those which have a serrated edge – which were recently banned.


A blade is a terrible thing to waste

I wanted to dig a little deeper into the term “Bommy-Knocker”, but didn’t find anything noteworthy. I did find this interesting piece on the differences between maces, flails, and morningstars.


From CiaraBallintyne.com:

While superficially similar, the mace and morningstar developed independently, and when the mace transitioned to wholly metal construction, the morningstar retained its wooden haft. Additionally, the morningstar traditionally had a longer reach, with a typical weapon having a haft of six feet more1 – although cavalry weapons were typically shorter. Some weapons were even bigger! I don’t think I’d want anyone swinging that thing at me.

One example housed in the Vienna museum is a whopping 7’ 9” in length! This is a professionally made military morningstar, and the top spike itself is 21 inches in length. I don’t know about you, but that’s long enough to go clear through me and out the other side.

Cruder morningstars also existed, and were usually cobbled together by peasants out of hand-cut timber and fitted with nails and spikes. Pretty sure I still wouldn’t want someone hitting me with that.



  1. JohnS says:

    They handed in a cheese knife and a BBQ fork/meat thermometer? And a whole lot of regular kitchen cutlery.

    I know English cooking sometimes gets a bad rap, but reducing themselves to tofu, because they no longer have kitchen knives, isn’t going to help that.

  2. Ze Kraggash says:

    JohnS, the brainwash is complete in some. To hold an object, as I currently hold my pen, and think, “my gosh, instead if using this as it was intended, I could use this to hurt someone!” I can see the wide-eyed bloke staring at his BBQ fork in front of his grill. Twisted.

  3. Sam L. says:

    That is one truly vicious cheese knife!

  4. Roger says:

    The medievalists had an article that conclusively proved the flail is just hollywood-type bs.

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“Bommy-Knocker” turned in at UK weapons amnesty.

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