Book Review: Bladesmithing with Murray Carter

Bladesmithing with Murray Carter

As I mentioned in my Day 3 coverage of Blade Show 2014, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking to Master Bladesmith Murray Carter of Carter Cutlery. What transpired has the potential to be a life-changing event for me. Senpai Carter invited me to attend his 6-Day Knifemaking School, and document the experience for TTAK. Needless to say, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I want to make the most of this experience and to that end I ordered Murray’s book Bladesmithing with Murray Carter. I figure that if I can absorb as much of his teaching as I can prior to arriving in Oregon, it will maximize my opportunities for learning when working with him face-to-face. Reading this book, I have found that trying to pack all of the information into my brain is like stuffing a subway car during the Tokyo morning commute.

photo (19)

This book is a reference for much more than simply how to make a knife.

Bladesmithing covers a wide range of topics, from the science of steel to Carter-san’s biography, philosophy, and business model, and most importantly the incredible step-by-step process for transforming raw iron into a finished knife.

photo (20)

Sample page from Bladesmithing. The step-by-step photography is clear and informative.

The book blends personal anecdotes, instruction, and detailed photography. While I have read it from cover to cover, and browsed extensively beyond that, I know that this will be one of those books that I will continue to learn from throughout subsequent readings in the years to come.

photo (21)

If you order Bladesmithing from Carter Cutlery’s website, it will come signed.

Bladesmithing with Murray Carter is available from Carter Cutlery for $28. Click Here to reach the direct page.



  1. For those who might be interested, there is one book I read at the beginning of each fishing season, Tom Rosenbauer’s “Orvis Guide to Prospecting for Trout”. I am through at least 15 readings, and references beyond. I still glean wisdom from it each time.

    Bladesmithing has the potential to be such a book as I continue down the rabbit-hole of all things edged.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I trust you’ll stop in at Kershaw and Benchmark while you’re in the neighborhood.

    1. Terry Warlock says:

      Seriously, you’d be crazy not to! Too bad it’s not during the annual sale.

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Book Review: Bladesmithing with Murray Carter

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