Brawl between KKK and counter-protesters leaves 3 stabbed; 13 arrested


“My favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing” – Jon Gabriel (via Instapundit)

The story seems pretty straightforward. The KKK was scheduled to hold a rally in Anaheim, CA, but counter protesters were already there when they arrived.


“As the Klansmen unpacked the signs they were said to have been surrounded by demonstrators with wooden planks.

Some were seen kicking a man whose shirt read “Grand Dragon”, the name of a high-ranking KKK member, reports said.

“These Klan guys were fighting for their lives” witness Darren Simpson told Reuters.”

“A lot of us were trying to break it up,” witness Dion Garcia, told Reuters.

“This was not necessary, they should’ve just let the Klan protest. This is America, we have free speech.”

Another witness, Brian Levin, said after helping a Klansman away from the crowd, he asked him: “How does it feel that your life was just saved by a Jewish man?”

“Thank you,” the man replied, according to Mr Levin.

“All hell broke loose” Mr Levin said. “I thought they were going to stomp these Klansmen to death”.

It appears that at least one the stabbings were carried out by a Klansman with a flagpole. It will be interesting to see how things shake out. It sounds like the Klansmen have a fairly strong self-defense claim. Which is in some ways a shame, because anything that paints the KKK in a sympathetic light is unfortunate. They should have been ignored. These “rallies” almost always consist of 10-15 dudes in robes and 5x or more people yelling at them. They really are inconsequential.

That said, the First Amendment was written to protect the very kinds of speech that the Klan is engaged in. Speech that inflames, speech that makes you feel uncomfortable, speech that turns your stomach turn and makes you want to go out and speak against it. There is a Supremacist website that links to our Second Amendment posts from time to time. I always feel a bit odd when I see the referral.

I hate to break it to the counter protesters, you don’t help your cause when you begin stomping people you (and the overwhelming majority of Americans) disagree with passionately.

Racists of all stripes are deserving of nothing but scorn and ridicule. This guy with the Sousaphone has it right. One of the most epic trolls ever. (From a different rally)

Knowing California, they will probably try to institute some form of flagpole control.

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Brawl between KKK and counter-protesters leaves 3 stabbed; 13 arrested

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