Brawl over a parking spot leads to stabbing; arrests.


Two women have been arrested in connection with a wild fight that led to a stabbing at Rouge Park on Detroit’s west side.

The fight, which was captured in a viral video, is believed to have been over a parking spot.

Two women, ages 22 and 21, are in custody after the stabbing.

Video of the fight has made its way all around social media. It shows two women fighting on the ground while crowds battle to record the fight and egg them on.

Police said the fight started over a parking spot. One group of women was trying to pull into a space when the other group of women took the parking spot. Both groups got out of the cars and starting fighting.

“We have an issue out here with how to cope with our problems that we have,” -Detroit police Cmdr. Aric Tosqui

I am nominating that one for the understatement of the week. At least they didn’t blame the knife.

This makes my brain hurt. I’m going to bed.


  1. todd knwls says:

    i dindu nuffins

  2. Sam L. says:

    At least they wore good rasslin’ outfits! Didn’t see a knife in there, though.

  3. Allen Elishewitz says:

    Too bad the video isn’t available anymore; those are usually very entertaining!

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Brawl over a parking spot leads to stabbing; arrests.

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