Breaking: Boston-area man kills 2, wounds 2 in separate stabbings; shot dead by LEO.


A victim of tonights spree stabbing arrives at Morton Hospital (Photo from @Longfellow_TV via Twitter)

This story has evolved a bit since I first became aware of it thanks to a tip from a buddy. It was an active situation until just recently, but the suspect has reportedly been killed by an off-duty LEO. At the time of this writing, the following is about 15 minutes old:

From ABCNews:

Three people were killed and two others injured Tuesday in separate attacks at a shopping mall and a home in Massachusetts, and the suspect was one of the dead, authorities said.

State police said a man stabbed two people at a Taunton home, then crashed a car through the front of a Macy’s store at the Silver City Galleria and stabbed two other people at the mall. An off-duty law enforcement officer fatally shot the unidentified suspect. Witnesses described a chaotic scene and said that the mall was evacuated.

The stabbing victims were taken to area hospitals, where two later died from their injuries. It’s unclear if the two dead victims were stabbed at the house or the mall. Their names were not immediately released.

Authorities said the suspect also may have been involved in an earlier car crash on the street where the first two stabbings took place.

A motive for the attacks remains under investigation, but state police said they have found no evidence of a connection to terrorism.

“There is no continuing threat to the public,” said Dave Procopio, a state police spokesman.

Busy news-day on the stabbing front. I just did a quick bit of Google-fu, and there is nothing more on the German train-station stabbing from a “reliable” source. I am fully aware of the irony of calling the propaganda mouthpieces in the media “reliable”, but I need to make a distinction between the legacy media and unsubstantiated internet speculation in the secondary blogosphere.


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Breaking: Boston-area man kills 2, wounds 2 in separate stabbings; shot dead by LEO.

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