BREAKING: Man Beheads Coworker, Is Stopped By Armed Executive

Earlier today, a man who was fired from a food processing plant near Oklahoma City retaliated by attacking his coworkers with a knife, managing to behead one and seriously wound another, before being shot by Mark Vaughan, COO of the company and a reserve sheriff’s deputy. The suspect and the victim of the stabbing are said to now be hospitalized in stable condition. 

Details are still coalescing, including whether or not radical Islamic ideology played a role, but early reports indicate that the knife was of a type used at the plant. What this makes clear is that there is no way any laws could have prevented this heinous act.

We’ll keep you updated as the complete details emerge. Stay tuned…


  1. borg says:

    I hope they do not fire the executive like Walgreens fires pharmacists for doing similar acts.

  2. ChuckN says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of coverage on this incident yet.
    However, I think it’s because the MSM and the
    anti-rights crowd doesn’t know whether to focus
    full-auto assault knives or simply bemoan the
    newest example of ‘workplace violence’.

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BREAKING: Man Beheads Coworker, Is Stopped By Armed Executive

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