Breaking: USC faculty member fatally stabbed; suspect in custody

Breaking news out of Los Angeles…


One person, possibly a faculty member, has been fatally stabbed on the USC campus and a suspect is in custody.

The victim is a man, approximately 25 years old, says Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Just after 4:30 p.m., firefighter paramedics responded to a reported stabbing on the 3600 block of McClintock Avenue, located on campus near the Seeley G. Mudd building and the school’s running track.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, Stewart said. No other injuries have been reported.

USC’s college newspaper The Daily Trojan reported on Twitter that police locked down the Seeley G. Mudd building and students were advised to stay away from the area.

An officer from the LAPD’s Southwest community station confirmed officers were investigating a homicide and had at least one suspect in custody.

While this may be just a personal conflict between the victim and the attacker, it bears note that this occurs on the aniversary of the San Bernadino attack, weeks after ISIS released a training video aimed at instructing “lone-wolves” on beheading and bombmaking, and just days after a jihadi stabbing at Ohio State University. If there is any connection discovered, I imagine this story will become bigger news. Stay tuned…

(Update: Indications are that this was in fact a simple personal conflict)

In an unrelated incident described in the article, a female student defended herself from a possible assault by discharging a fire extinguisher in the perp’s face today. Quick thinking and a solid choice in improvised defensive tool use.

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Breaking: USC faculty member fatally stabbed; suspect in custody

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