British Motorist describes family’s terror in knife-wielding road-rage incident


(photo via Mirror UK)

Professor Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds caused quite the firestorm when he Tweeted, “Run them down” in reference to the “peaceful” rioters who were blocking roads and attacking cars in Charlotte, N.C. last week. Political correctness aside, if one is afraid of being killed or suffering grievous bodily injury, they are entitled to use deadly force. It can come in the form of a gun, a knife, or even a vehicle if necessary.

That fundamental right to self-preservation is not enshrined in merry-olde England. This motorist got lucky when he was confronted by a knife-wielding road-rager.


“I could see that he was following me and he made a sudden movement across me in an attempt to block me in. I stopped because I didn’t want to crash and he jumped out holding a large knife.

“I tried to quickly lift my window but he managed to get his fingertips inside and was trying to pull the window down.

“I tried to pull his fingers off the window from the inside and he started to hit it with the base of the knife.

“My five-year-old daughter was screaming and they were all obviously petrified about what was happening.”

Ian said he put the car in reverse and then drove forward again.

He added: “It was at this point that two police officers arrived. They had luckily been driving on the opposite side of the road and they saw him with the knife.

“He quickly dropped it and put his hands behind his head. Once they had arrested him I took the pictures.

“I am absolutely certain in my mind that if he had managed to smash the window he would have stabbed me.

I am surprised that he isn’t being charged with assault for closing his window and driving. This Briton wasn’t so lucky when he was charged for assaulting a home-invader.


  1. cmeat says:

    chisel tapered edge power windows.

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British Motorist describes family’s terror in knife-wielding road-rage incident

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